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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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The cable car costs around PS52,000 a year to maintain.
At least 30 cable cars came crashing down due to the incident which occurred when the attraction was shut, according to CNN.
For that price, visitors get a room with a telescope to watch the night sky, a welcome drink, a four-course dinner, a bottle of wine, breakfast at Skalnate Pleso after sunrise and the cable car trips.
He said apparently no human error was found in the inquiry, adding the whole system of the chairlift and cable car was computerised.
'The French are interested in building the cable car,' he said.
According to Jordan's news agency, Petra , upon operational commencement, the project will operate 40 cable cars, with each car having the capacity to accommodate eight passengers.
He said the consultant may look at all of the previously proposed options and help determine the viability of the cable car project.
In November last year, the Department of Transportation (DOTr), with the help of the French government, jumpstarted the feasibility study for an urban cable car project in Metro Manila.
The cable car had been due to open before the World Cup but suffered a setback in May when police said a two-tonne aluminium panel worth 2 million roubles ($30,000) had been stolen from the construction site.
French consulting firms MDP Consulting & Systra will undertake the 10-month cable car project FS, a direct grant from the French government.
At the helm of the 10-month study are French firms MDP Consulting and Systra, known as international experts in transport infrastructure and cable car systems.
The official told APP that the cable cars are a familiar to sight in mountain regions.
ISLAMABAD -- The tourists are taking keen interest to enjoy the scenic beauty of hilly areas through taking a ride on chairlift and cable car system located near Malka-e-Kohsar, Muree, said an official of Pakistan Tourism Development Cooperation here Monday.
figure By EUNICE MURATHE The Kenya Ferry Service (KFS) and Trapos Limited have signed an agreement for the implementation of the Likoni cable car project.The building of the cable cars, expected to ease travel between the North Coast and South Coast, is to start in the next 60 to 90 days.
Moreover, Tufandag is the most favorite place of ski lovers in winter and also the ideal place for those who want to walk in the mountains, ride in a cable car to watch the nature and enjoy active rest in summer.