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Synonyms for cable

a telegram sent abroad

a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

a nautical unit of depth

television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

send cables, wires, or telegrams

fasten with a cable

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The hours struck clear in the cabin; the nosing bows slapped and scuffled with the seas; the fo'c'sle stovepipe hissed and sputtered as the spray caught it; and the boys slept on, while Disko, Long Jack, Tom Plait, and Uncle Salters, each in turn, stumped aft to look at the wheel, forward to see that the anchor held, or to veer out a little more cable against chafing, with a glance at the dim anchor-light between each round.
Forward lay the windlass and its tackle, with the chain and hemp cables, all very unpleasant to trip over; the fo'c'sle stovepipe, and the gurry-butts by the fo'c'sle-hatch to hold the fish-livers.
The mono-rail cable standard became a striking fact in urban landscape, for the most part stout iron erections rather like tapering trestles, and painted a bright bluish green.
Old SmallWays went to his grave under an intricate network of wires and cables, for Bun Hill became not only a sort of minor centre of power distribution--the Home Counties Power Distribution Company set up transformers and a generating station close beside the old gas-works--but, also a junction on the suburban mono-rail system.
Presently the English Channel was bridged--a series of great iron Eiffel Tower pillars carrying mono-rail cables at a height of a hundred and fifty feet above the water, except near the middle, where they rose higher to allow the passage of the London and Antwerp shipping and the Hamburg-America liners.
He avoided churches, buildings, and mono-rail cables with consummate ease as he conversed.
My cables have been published and our letters will be in print by now, and the photographs you took of the work.
In another part, two large vessels anchored near together were whirled about, and their cables were thrice wound round each other; though anchored at a depth of 36 feet, they were for some minutes aground.
Then I took the pieces of cable which I had cut in the ship, and laid them in rows, one upon another, within the circle, between these two rows of stakes, up to the top, placing other stakes in the inside, leaning against them, about two feet and a half high, like a spur to a post; and this fence was so strong, that neither man nor beast could get into it or over it.
Table 22: Funding for New Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Systems
The purpose of this project is to demonstrate the operation of a high voltage superconducting cable within an electric utility transmission system.
In spite of budget cutbacks, companies are turning to pay TV because air time is much cheaper than on regular broadcast stations and cable watchers have deeper pockets.
A: The SCSI specifications state that you may have up to 12 meters (40 feet) of cable in an Ultra2 LVD SCSI or Ultra160 SCSI system with up to 16 active IDs.
And as the cable networks' revenues increased and thier audiences grewm they began attracting the best and brightest executive and creative talent.
Time Warner Cable also announced that it expects its Class A common stock to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, under the "TWC" symbol, and start trading as early as March 1, 2007.