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Synonyms for cabinetwork

woodwork finished by hand by a cabinetmaker

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the craft of making furniture (especially furniture of high quality)

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A separate section analyzes cabinetwork and countertop retail sales by region and state.
Wood is used for cabinetwork and furniture, bark of young trees for cordage.
Cherry is used in balustrade rails and cabinetwork as well, while the stone recurs in fireplaces and countertops - all the places you touch have sensuous properties.
A more elaborate method would include custom-designed cabinetwork and shelving with mechanical fasteners for securement.
The remodel cost about $65,000 in 1990, including new appliances and cabinetwork.
Each page will assist the cabinetwork and countertop executive exploit new product trends, improve plant efficiency, strengthen distribution, penetrate end-use markets, and plan for 2009 and beyond.
The home features a gourmet kitchen with Wolf commercial stove and gas grill, Sub-Zero stainless steel refrigerator, stainless exhaust hood, Avantia oven, ice maker and GE Profile double oven, hardwood floors, Mexican ceramic tile, Corian countertops, custom cabinetwork from Colley Cabinetry of Fredericksburg and wood-burning fireplaces.
The Splinters, a new Eugene-based woodworking group, will open a show of furniture, cabinetwork and other handcrafted wood objects during the First Friday Art Walk.
The kitchen features elegant emerald-pearl granite countertops, custom maple cabinetwork and oak hardwood flooring.
Shipments of Stock Line Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Related Cabinetwork, for Permanent Installation, 2000-2013
Applications for Alaskan yellow cedar include: interior trim, high-end joinery, framing, boat building, boat hulls, canoe paddles, canoes, furniture, cabinetwork, external joinery, shingles, drawing boards, office furniture, sporting goods, rustic furniture, marine piling, posts and molding, heavy flooring, musical instruments, toys, sash doors and stadium seats.
We sell it to people doing fretwork and inlays, and it's used in a tot of cabinetwork.
The renovation includes new mechanical upgrades, floor coverings, and cabinetwork, painting, plumbing and individual bathroom fixtures for each unit.
The Wood Handbook, Wood as an Engineering Material," from the Forest Products Laboratory, describes Indian rosewood as "essentially a decorative wood for high-class furniture and cabinetwork," similar in looks to Brazilian and Honduran rosewood.