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Synonyms for cabinetwork

woodwork finished by hand by a cabinetmaker

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the craft of making furniture (especially furniture of high quality)

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Wood is used for cabinetwork and furniture, bark of young trees for cordage.
Most of it is yellow pine that is used for flooring and cabinetwork."
Designed by architect Philip Webb in the first year of the firm's activity, 1861-62, the cabinetwork is decorated with gilded figures of Fate and Love designed by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-98) (42) that reflect the prevailing spirit of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Gothic Revival.
Not only are the speakers better sounding, but also the cabinetwork is light years ahead of the previous model.
6 LOOK FOR A SAW that accepts dado blades if you intend to do cabinetwork. Most will hold up to a 1/2-in.
Cherry is used in balustrade rails and cabinetwork as well, while the stone recurs in fireplaces and countertops - all the places you touch have sensuous properties.
A more elaborate method would include custom-designed cabinetwork and shelving with mechanical fasteners for securement.
Rich materials evoke a turn-of-the-century aura: Marble floors, green marble showcase bases, and fixtures of rich, reddish bubinga wood are faithful to the era when cabinetwork was treated like furniture.
The remodel cost about $65,000 in 1990, including new appliances and cabinetwork. 1:1
So the most acuity adaptable room up to critical care standards now needs a 13-foot-wide headwall, as well as a 14-foot clear width to any cabinetwork on the footwall.
The Splinters, a new Eugene-based woodworking group, will open a show of furniture, cabinetwork and other handcrafted wood objects during the First Friday Art Walk.
Applications for Alaskan yellow cedar include: interior trim, high-end joinery, framing, boat building, boat hulls, canoe paddles, canoes, furniture, cabinetwork, external joinery, shingles, drawing boards, office furniture, sporting goods, rustic furniture, marine piling, posts and molding, heavy flooring, musical instruments, toys, sash doors and stadium seats.