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the craft of a joiner

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A good test of whether he still has the authority to lead his party and the country is to try to imagine another member of the Cabinetmaking such a strong speech.
Both typically labored according to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar, resorting to blacksmithing, cabinetmaking, and needlework when the seasonal demands of planting, harvesting, and food preservation receded.
Gary went to work for a cabinetmaker, but in September returned to the college to take a two-year, full-time level 3 course in furniture crafts and advanced cabinetmaking.
AWI is coordinating the industrywide effort to prepare the set of defined, observable, and measurable skills related to all areas of advanced woodworking, from furniture and cabinetmaking to home building, and flooring and pallet manufacturing.
The senators wrote, "We find it hard to believe that cabinetmaking, engraving, other motor vehicles dealers and national security and international affairs are the only industries in which the SBA has determined that women-owned small businesses are under-represented or substantially under-represented in government-wide federal procurement.
Cooper s background in residential construction, custom cabinetmaking and as a former factory representative for a woodworking equipment manufacturer made him well qualified to oversee the flooring production.
Afterwards, they are eligible to receive vocational training in trades such as computer programming, tailoring, cabinetmaking, carpentry, and auto mechanics.
The vast majority of the students were taking courses designed to get them into the labor pool: cabinetmaking, foundry, automotive, secretarial, machine shop, and drafting.
After one last push, the instructors would call an end to all work and rate the apprentices' craftsmanship, choosing top performers in the four-year millwrighting, floor covering, interior systems and carpentry programs, and in the five-year cabinetmaking program.
In other words, these were craftsmen who had received formal training in cabinetmaking, and had almost factory-size businesses.
With corner repair, the tried and true technique of tongue and groove joinery used in woodworking and cabinetmaking was the solution.
In 1762 he began to serve apprenticeships--first in Charles' saddlery and later in a cabinetmaking shop, while Charles was in London studying art with the renowned painter, Benjamin West.
Oftentimes, the conflict in these stories is between the language of "an isolated world" that one has authority in because one "knows the language" - say, of cabinetmaking - and "that other language of profits and how to deal.
OOQ: What's the difference between cabinetmaking and furniture making?