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Along with him, six Cabinet Ministers including Deputy Chief Minister from BJP, three Cabinet Ministers from NDPP, one Cabinet Minister from JDU and one Cabinet Minister from an Independent took the oath.
He has also told some ministers, who met him today that cabinet meetings would be conducted via video conference," a cabinet minister who met the chief minister said.
Shadow Cabinet Minister Jon Trickett said: "Theresa May has become more dependent than ever on a tiny group of elite donors that pay huge sums of money for privileged access to her and Cabinet ministers.
She needs to say to him: 'You do that again and it will be your last comment as a cabinet minister"' Former Tory Cabinet minister Iain Duncan Smith.
Summary: Alwar (Rajasthan) [India], Dec 21 (ANI): A man was allegedly held captive and beaten up by Rajasthan Cabinet Minister Hem Singh Bhadana's son and his friends in Alwar.
This came during his meeting, Tuesday, at the Council of Ministers, the Cabinet Minister, Ahmed Saad Omer, who noted in a press statements to SUNA that the meeting has tackled the necessity for doubling effort for the promotion of work in these institutions, indicating that the FVP has given directives for the development of the CIPF to enable it boosting the people's relations with the world countries.
NEW DELHI -- Kicking up a row, Uttar Pradesh (UP) Cabinet Minister Swami Prasad Maurya has said that Muslim men are misusing the practice of triple talaq to 'continuously' change wives and satisfy their 'lust,' the Indian media reported on Sunday.
Each Cabinet Minister addressed residents about proposed developments, as well as the commitments and investments the Government is making in the Berry Islands, as well as Public Private Partnership initiatives.
Similarly in the states, the photograph of the Cabinet minister or minister in- charge in lieu of the photograph of the CM could be published, if so desired", the court said pronouncing its verdict in the review petitions.
Ermonela Felaj, the Cabinet minister in charge of relations with Parliament, has said the governing coalition may seek Nishani's ouster unless the changes are confirmed by Tuesday.
A conservative attempt to fire a second Rohani cabinet minister flopped last week as the Majlis voted to keep Education Minister Ali-Asghar Fani in office with the support of almost two-thirds of the deputies.
A cabinet minister in charge of preparations for the Games will be appointed.
The former Cabinet minister said many southern voters no longer saw Labour as the party of aspiration - a reputation that former prime minister Tony Blair won for the party.
Now a miniature plaque marks the spot where the cabinet minister was egged, and allows the public to read the story on their mobiles.
More fun and frolics from Mellor EX-MP David Mellor, "resigned" (that's told to beggar off to the rest of us) as Tory Cabinet minister in 1992 for accepting a free holiday from a Palestinian Liberation Organisation member.