cabin cruiser

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a large motorboat that has a cabin and plumbing and other conveniences necessary for living on board

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DISTRAUGHT: Marion Alcock, alongside her fire-hit narrowboat, with friends Vic Crawley and Amy Steptoe, who also had to escape the flames ARSON ATTACK: The burned out, sunken cabin cruiser which was set alight by vandals and caused a fire to spread onto Marion Alcock's narrowboat
WRECKED: The remains of a 22ft cabin cruiser that sank in rough seas outside Whitby harbour and (right) an RAF Rescue helicopter at the scene
A CABIN cruiser was towed clear of rocks after it broke down in the River Tees.
These included swimming from Alcatraz to San Francisco''s Fisherman''s Wharf wearing handcuffs and swimming the Golden Gate Channel while towing a 2,500-pound cabin cruiser.
AIR-SEA rescuers raced into action after an SOS from a couple whose cabin cruiser was sinking - only to find them safe on the shore.
THREE sailors were towed back to shore after their cabin cruiser caught fire in the Bristol Channel.
Andrew Stewart Carrick, 45, his partner, Jill Russell, 48, and his brother, John Russell Carrick, 36, all from Middlesbrough, died after their 22ft cabin cruiser Last Call overturned just outside Whitby Harbour on Friday.
They were among a group of three who are understood to have got into difficulties after leaving Whitby Harbour in a 22ft cabin cruiser yesterday morning.
The cabin cruiser, Vino Calypso, owned by Steve Blake, has been poised 10ft above water since floods receded in Bredon, Worcestershire, more than a fortnight ago.
The cabin cruiser became something of a landmark while it was moored outside Darrel Turner and Kirklees councillor Julie Stewart- Turner's house at Stoney Cross Street.
The invitation to their party on Saturday reads: "Hughie and Queenie do not require gifts - unless it is a new car, an ocean-going cabin cruiser or a matching pair of Rolex oyster watches.
Marshall, 41, and Alexander set off a distress flare when their cabin cruiser The Amy Claire ran out of fuel when they got lost off Largs, Ayrshire.
PORT HUENEME - Passers-by rescued two men from a sinking 21-foot cabin cruiser Sunday on the back side of Anacapa Island, the U.
Jennifer Whittam was on holiday with her mum and dad when the blast ripped through the cabin cruiser.
Just like the doomed liner 99 years ago, the 16ft cabin cruiser sprang a leak and started taking on water.