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a car on a freight train for use of the train crew

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Double cabin cars are used mainly in the mining and plantation sector especially in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Papua.
The Cabin car air purifier range will be available in all Jumbo Electronics showrooms, leading hypermarkets, retailers and select car dealers.
On his way to Nginyang, the MCA said a double cabin car followed him closely.
Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar said that Fazlur Rehman also has double cabin car.
brDSP Dasti remained safe as he was travelling in a double cabin car but his four guards were in the open compartment due to which two fell prey to the terrorist fire.Subsequently, the remaining policemen fired back at the attackers who managed to flee away.
Details have now emerged of how Kiambu County Finance Chief Officer and her driver were dramatically arrested last week and later charged at Kibera Law Courts for allegedly being in possession of fake US dollars amounting to Sh67,000.Detectives from the special crimes unit on Wednesday evening arrested Ms Faith Njeri Harrison and her driver, Mr Harrison Kung'u, along Mpaka Road in Nairobi while driving a double cabin car with GK number plates and not county government registration.They were later booked at Capitol Hill Police Station.
"The attackers were already present on Sumungli Road when the DSP's car reached the spot," added the police.DSP Dasti remained safe as he was travelling in a double cabin car but his four guards were in the open compartment due to which two fell prey to the terrorist fire.
PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), one of the players in the market of double cabin cars, launched the latest product of XLT double cabin car namely 4x2 Ford Ranger Hi-Rider, which is the latest model of 4x2 double cabin Ranger 4x2 already produced earlier.
PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI), a player in the double cabin car segment plans to launch its latest model, 4x2 Ford Ranger Hi-Rider as a new model of 4x2 double cabin Ranger.
He pointed out that JUI-F leader MNA Maulana Fazlur Rehman had one land cruiser and three double cabin cars while federal ministers Abid Sher Ali and Kamran Michael had been using Mercedes Benz.
Police sources said the cable may have snapped after a giant tree fell on it, sending several cabin cars hurtling down a valley in the otherwise tourist paradise.
Moreover it also requisitioned of 200 motorcycles, 2 Coasters, 5 excavators Machines, 24 Jeeps and nine double cabin Cars for transport purpose.
Thailand has even abolished PPnBM on double cabin cars and pick up cars as that country is keen on becoming the production basis for the two types of cars.
43 in 2003, the government slapped a 20% luxury sales tax (PPnBM) on double cabin cars. Under the PP issued by the state secretary on July 31, 2003, the new tax is effective as from Aug.
Around 80% of double cabin cars are sold outside Java including Kalimantan, Sumatera, Lombok, Sulawesi and Papua used in the mining, plantation and forestry projects.