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a young man acting as a servant on a ship

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roof repair in campus dining cabin boys charles polytechnic naval academy as detailed specifications on attached administrative and technical bases required.
Werner Franz was an excited 14-year-old cabin boy making his first trip to the United States.
Four armed warriors sprinting to a boat containing four young cabin boys doesn't sound like much of a "ceremonial challenge".
Not, of course that they would have understood the term rebranding, probably regarding it as a punishment for errant cabin boys.
I can just see her in a skimpy pirate outfit, hoisting the mainsail with a bunch of cabin boys in glittery hot pants, and dancing to D-I-S-C-O with a fleet of undead, barnacle-covered sea dogs while the Manhattan skyline twinkles in the background.
Earlier this month two former cabin boys, who served in WWII were reunited after 65 years.
Cabin boys would fetch and carry meals and drinks for the more senior seamen or wipe down tables as the assistant steward worked directly under the ship's cook.
The programme on the stories of some of the 10,000 cabin boys who served in the Merchant Navy during the Second World War will be broadcast later this year.
The 80-year-old from Walkerville, Newcastle, was one of thousands of young lads who dreamed of a life on the high seas and signed up to be a cabin boy with the Merchant Navy at the tender age of 14.
The 'fun boat' includes a VIP Bar for guests, complimentary shots and plenty of cute cabin boys to make sure everything is ship-shape.
I went into the shipping office in Tomb Street in case they had been taken on as cabin boys.
Cabin boys Thomas Kavanagh,15, and John Barret and Freddy Hill, both 16, have not been awarded the Atlantic Star because they had not served 12 months at sea.