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a young man acting as a servant on a ship

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He was the cabin boy and personal servant to Lord Nelson and Captain Hardy at the Battle of Trafalgar.
Rank: Cabin Boy Regiment: Mercantile Marine Age: 17 Date of death: 19-9-1918 Buried at: Tower Hill Memorial Robert Burrows Son of William Henry Burrows and the late Betsy Burrows; husband of Adeline Margretta Burrows (nee Price), of 43 Wyeverne Road.
FRIDAY CARRY ON JACK STV 11.15PM The team board the good ship Venus with a new cabin boy who may not be all he seems.
Pictured are the principal characters (from left): Niomi Nelson (ticket collector), Gareth Thomas (Captain), Kathryn Adams (Jonah), Shibon Armstrong (God) and David Rose (cabin boy).
When the ship Lucky Star becomes trapped in the ice, cabin boy Shen is abandoned by his shipmates but manages to rescue their cargo of 66 pugs (and a crate of Aran jumpers, which come in useful to keep the pugs warm.) Shen manages to make his way to shore across the frozen sea where he meets Sika and her family.
Through the perspectives of passengers and crew members, Lawhon deftly draws readers into the lives of the cabin boy, the navigator and the stewardess.
In 1857 he enlisted as a cabin boy, the lowest rank on a sailing ship, bound for the East Indies.
In May, he takes a super step, playing Spider-Man in 2016's "Captain America: Civil War." But first, this month, he shows his physical endurance as a cabin boy aboard the doomed whaling ship Essex in Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea."
Instead of taking up the sword in battle, however, Yoshi finds himself accidentally bound to an unlikely ally: an American cabin boy named Jack who saves Yoshi from certain death.
Cook talks about how his various life experiences and failures prepared him to become the head of an award winning, global company, including working as a cabin boy on a tanker ship, promoting a girlfriend's fledgling singing career, starting a chauffer service that ultimately failed, and substitute teaching.
In a world where airplanes have never been invented, Matt Cruse, a cabin boy on the luxury airship, Aurora, rescues the pilot of a damaged hot air balloon and hears about impossible flying creatures glimpsed in the clouds.
'Ted' as he was known, was born in Alutgama, Ceylon, in 1940 and worked his passage in 1959 as a cabin boy.