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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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Studies have found, for instance, that a veteran London cabdriver's hippocampus is larger than it was when the driver was first hired, and larger than the average person's.
At this point, DeJong interrupted her script for a short documentary clip of her recent chance encounter with a cabdriver relaying his distressing experience of emigrating from Tibet.
The strangest thing of all is that every single cabdriver I met since I returned has ended our conversation with the same phrase, something I never thought I would hear.
During his layover, police say he committed a minimum of 11 felony crimes and uncounted misdemeanors, including shooting up a restaurant and setting it on fire, busting into a law firm's office where he relieved himself on an attorney's desk, sticking up a cabdriver and stealing his cab, sneaking through a number of hotel rooms looking for easily transported loot, robbing four guys in a bar, carjacking and more.
Our cabdriver tells us how Somalia is better than here because in
Specifically, police had identified him as the driver of a New York City me-dallion-certified yellow cab, as opposed to being a cabdriver from North Jersey, where the attempted sexual assault took place.
The Atlantic Theater Company has done the industry a favor by importing "Bluebird," Simon Stephens' strangely fascinating 1998 play about a London cabdriver and the intimate if unsolicited exchanges he has with his fares.
She was a very big fat ugly woman, she got in the car and stunk it out," quoted the cabdriver, who asked to be identified only as Dean, as saying.
A Denton County jury made up of eight men and four women deliberated only 13 minutes before finding Noah Whitehead guilty of robbing, murdering and then burning Hooshang Vatanpour, an Iranian-born cabdriver who was 56-years-old at the time.
Taxi!; a social history of the New York City cabdriver.
Forest Service, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the University of Maryland, Washington, D.C.'s Urban Forestry Administration, and local utility companies--these researchers have found some varieties that should be as naturally at-home on the streets as a cabdriver in New York City.
Working their way up the comedy and acting ladders, many of the comics, particularly Jobrani and Ahmad, have endured a succession of "ethnic" roles--from cabdriver or grocery-store owner to the inevitable terrorist.
Uchida Shungiku's "My Son's Lips" is a witty story about a working mother's trials and tribulations after an accidental encounter with a cabdriver. Eldest Takagi Nobuko, excelling in explorations of love and marriage, draws out the crisis of a fifty-year-old housewife.
"We worked our way up from living underneath a bridge, and it looks like we may be back under there," said Caston, a cabdriver.