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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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He describes the scene at the after-hours eatery where the cabbies congregate after their shifts, when the streets are populated by "the cops and the cabdrivers, and the drunks heading home," and they share their stories, which become embellished with repetition.
The cabdriver turns up the air and lights a cigarette.
My big, fat Indian wedding might be hot ("I want one," a gay man with a Southern accent told me at my neighborhood lesbian bar while sipping a sweet cocktail), but it doesn't mean the Indian cabdriver, the 7/11 clerk or the Gujarati storeowner are any more acceptable.
tracks the complex political, social and economic evolution of the New York City cabdriver through seven defined periods, from the formation of the first cab fleet company in 1907 through the archetype of film and television to the present day.
Along one alley in downtown Cairo, I ask my cabdriver what some graffiti on the wall said.
s Urban Forestry Administration, and local utility companies--these researchers have found some varieties that should be as naturally at-home on the streets as a cabdriver in New York City.
Uchida Shungiku's "My Son's Lips" is a witty story about a working mother's trials and tribulations after an accidental encounter with a cabdriver.
In "Immediately," a man falls in love with his homophobic cabdriver, and in "Briefly," a teenager's crush on his sister's boyfriend haunts him throughout life.
The value of the information depends on two things: First, who the source is and where he is placed--is he a cabdriver or a government minister?
exclaimed the cabdriver at Fiji's Nadi (pronounced Nandi) airport.
Kaplinsky said Gurel's kidnappers had tried to obtain his release in exchange for that of the 6,000 Palestinians incarcerated by Israel and added that Israel had expected better co-operation from PA security sources in freeing the cabdriver.
It seems," says Kaus, "that nearly every cabdriver in Mexico has heard of La Zona del Silencio, but not the Mapimi Biosphere Reserve.
A few days later, a different cabdriver took me to two Kroger's en route to the airport.
If, under applicable state law, a taxi passenger then would be considered under the care or custody of the cabdriver, then this exclusion would also have clearly applied.