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Synonyms for cabby

someone who drives a taxi for a living

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The cabby turned at him his enormous and inflamed countenance truculently.
I am a night cabby, I am," he whispered, with a sort of boastful exasperation.
I was standing in the yard when a ragged youngster asked if there was a cabby there called Jefferson Hope, and said that his cab was wanted by a gentleman at 221B, Baker Street.
According to an estimate, there are about 2,000 cabs in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and when the CNG is available four days a week, average saving of a cabby is around Rs.
Blue shirt: Tory cabby, will bang on about why Cameron's the man for the job; red shirt: Leftie cabby - why Harriet's new equality laws are just great; yellow shirt: Cleggy cabby: avoid altogether; grey shirt: crabby cabby, won't say a word.
My husband has been a cabby for seven years and has never ripped off any one, even with the rubbish he puts up with - like people burning his seats when they smoke, despite the no-smoking signs in his cab.
But let us be aware of the crunch that may come if visi-tors arriving at Lime Street Station insist that a cultured cabby take them to the Liverpool Museum or the Walker Art Gallery.