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Synonyms for cabby

someone who drives a taxi for a living

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"I am a night cabby, I am," he whispered, with a sort of boastful exasperation.
Stop at a telegraph-office, cabby! We will keep Toby, for he may be of use to us yet."
The cabby, after shooting his things off the roof of his machine into young Powell's arms, drove away leaving him alone with his sea-chest, a sail cloth bag and a few parcels on the pavement about his feet.
Whip your horse up, cabby, for we have only just time to catch our train."
In an instant he was out upon the curb, paying the cabby, and in another he was leading me across the street, away from the mansions.
According to an estimate, there are about 2,000 cabs in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and when the CNG is available four days a week, average saving of a cabby is around Rs.
Blue shirt: Tory cabby, will bang on about why Cameron's the man for the job; red shirt: Leftie cabby - why Harriet's new equality laws are just great; yellow shirt: Cleggy cabby: avoid altogether; grey shirt: crabby cabby, won't say a word.
My husband has been a cabby for seven years and has never ripped off any one, even with the rubbish he puts up with - like people burning his seats when they smoke, despite the no-smoking signs in his cab.
What is needed is something to take the frown off the cabby's brow.