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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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"They want shot of us," claimed Terry Yates, 71, who has now submitted a petition signed by 148 of his fellow 'old timer cabbies', all over 60, claiming the moves amount to 'age discrimination.' "In London the black cab is feted as an icon and a symbol of the city - yet here we are treated like an embarrassment," said drivers' representative Sajid Mahmood, from the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) Union Midlands regional council.
It detailed how a small group of about 10 cabbies behaved rudely towards the prime minister, uttering harsh words and causing a ruckus, before staging a walkout while Dr Mahathir was speaking.
If the cabbies are planning another protest I trust the authorities are better organised to handle the disruption that inconveniences so many others who have bigger problems than the cabbies.
The Mayor stressed - as the ECHO has reported before - that the majority of cabbies in the city are hard-working and honest but are having their reputations damaged by those carrying out illegal and immoral practices.
But it is unfair to accuse all cabbies with the same brush.
Picky cabbies are a constant bugbear, so much so that the Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board was moved to set up an entire operation to address the problem, cutely dubbed Oplan Isnabero.
'Wash and press your uniform everyday, polish your shoes, wash your socks daily' are some more personal hygiene tips for Dubai cabbies as part of their rigorous training programme to secure a taxi driving permit.
By using this app, district police have scrutinised almost 2,500 cabbies roaming on the streets of South Delhi in two months.
Again the taxi driver has not come forward and once more the city's cabbies close rank and maintain a wall of silence.
Mellor, who quit the Cabinet in 1992 after a sex scandal, pledged to donate to a cabbies' charity.
BIRMINGHAM City Council 'buried' a report which had linked Asian private hire cabbies to child sexual exploita tion victims more than 20 years ago.
ISLAMABAD -- The cabbies' business is passing through critical juncture as the provision of the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), mostly used in the public transport,is available only for two days and that also only for 7 hours each day.
Dubai cabbies have been ranked as some of the rudest in the world by British holidaymakers.
A YouTube video which went viral yesterday shows another side to our Dublin cabbies...
All cabbies had been instructed to add the Dh20 additional charge for outside trips only at the end of the trip.