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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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The Mayor stressed - as the ECHO has reported before - that the majority of cabbies in the city are hard-working and honest but are having their reputations damaged by those carrying out illegal and immoral practices.
But it is unfair to accuse all cabbies with the same brush.
Picky cabbies are a constant bugbear, so much so that the Land Transportation Regulatory and Franchising Board was moved to set up an entire operation to address the problem, cutely dubbed Oplan Isnabero.
Wash and press your uniform everyday, polish your shoes, wash your socks daily' are some more personal hygiene tips for Dubai cabbies as part of their rigorous training programme to secure a taxi driving permit.
By using this app, district police have scrutinised almost 2,500 cabbies roaming on the streets of South Delhi in two months.
e police often appeal to cabbies to come forward with information after incidents in the city even when the cabbie is a witness and not a suspect, but all too often the police come across the cabbies' wall of silence.
But when she discovered links between Asian cabbies and abused girls she was ordered to remove all ref-ref erence to ethnicity and the private hire trade.
Cabbies work on daily basis and run the affairs of their families and at the end of the day they could hardly save pennies for rainy days.
Only cabbies in Paris, Rome and San Antonio in Ibiza are ruder than Dubai drivers, according to a poll of Brits who have been abroad in the past 12 months.
Not to be outdone, the cabbie begins to strut his stuff and grabs his dance partner round the waist.
All cabbies have been strictly ordered to add the extra Dh20 only at the end of the trip.
Alex Cooke, of Swinton Taxi Insurance, said: "This was a fantastic opportunity for cabbies in Gateshead to win a substantial amount of money just in time for Christmas.
Originally this involved making all the county's taxi drivers paint vehicles in two-tone colours to signify what sort of cabbies they were.
Brisbane, Jan 17(ANI): Taxi drivers in Australia have been subjected to a spate of violence with three more cabbies being attacked and robbed in separate incidents in Brisbane.
There is no need to say that some of the passengers are drugged out or bleeding, pleading for help from the cabbies.