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someone who drives a taxi for a living

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But John says life as a cabbie has been 'mostly' a pleasure, having had stars of stage and screen in his cab.
WE were one of the many bus passengers impacted by the recent cabbies' protest in the city centre.
It's claimed he then told the shocked cabbie to'f*** off'and yelled until the driver asked him to leave the taxi.
The vlogger then asked the cabbie to start the meter but he refused and even asked to be paid a fixed rate of P500.
The recent rash of cabbie rage has led to some action.
So far, Delhi Police have booked 50 cabbies under section 188 of the IPC for ignoring safety of women in south Delhi areas, including Greater Kailash, Safdurjung Enclave, etc.
e police often appeal to cabbies to come forward with information after incidents in the city even when the cabbie is a witness and not a suspect, but all too often the police come across the cabbies' wall of silence.
FOUL-MOUTHED David Mellor yesterday finally said sorry for his four-letter tirade at a cabbie.
A CABBIE ABROAD (BBC Two, tonight, 9pm) LONDON cabbie Mason McQueen, pictured, has accepted the challenge to drive a taxi in three very different cities around the world and has to get to grips with a unique kind of cab in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh - the tuk tuk.
Official documents show the cabbie was caught with the pills in his taxi as he tried to sell some to an undercover police officer in Ajman.
A fake cabbie near blue area, who is a clerk while talking to reporter said he opted not to paint his vehicle in yellow to keep up with the joneses.
The footage shows the redhaired ned wrestling the innocent Glasgow cabbie to the ground and trying to punch and kick him.
The cabbie, who didn't want things to escalate, pulled over and told the irate young man to leave his cab.
In the worst attack, a cabbie was struck in the face with an iron bar after picking up a man in Lutwyche Road at Windsor about 6 p.m.
Some are surprised and say that I do not look like a cabbie," the cheerful working retiree giggles.