cabbage palm

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low-growing fan-leaved palm of coastal southern United States having edible leaf buds

West Indian palm with leaf buds that are edible when young

Australian palm with leaf buds that are edible when young

Brazilian palm of genus Euterpe whose leaf buds are eaten like cabbage when young

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Unexpectedly, RPM females did not show a preference between coconut and cabbage palm leaf discs in test A3 (exact p = 0.
We placed tree stands into one of six habitat categories: (1) cypress-palm-pine, dominated by a mixture of cypress and cabbage palm, with <20% basal area of pine; (2) mixed natives, a mixture of native species not dominated by slash pine, cypress and cabbage palm, but containing oaks, red maple, red bay (Persia borbonia) and/or holly (Ilex opaca) and with <20% basal area of exotics; (3) mixed natives-exotics, natives as in type 2, but with >20% basal area of exotic species; (4) palm, >60% basal area of cabbage palm; (5) pine-cabbage palm, with each of those species contributing at least 30% of stand basal area; (6) pine-cypress, with each of those species contributing at least 30% of stand basal area.
Cordyline, or Cabbage Palm, originating from New Zealand also have a strong presence in the garden.
Most palms, such as the coconut palm, date palm, and cabbage palm, are abroescent plants that feature a woody trunk.
A good bet for a container is Cordyline Australis Purpurea, otherwise known as the New Zealand cabbage palm, which gives a wonderful architectural effect and a tropical feel to help create the impression of a warmer climate.
The majority of these products are not very common (aleo vera, luzerne, cat's claw, devil's claw, garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, guarana, kava kava, cabbage palm, silymarin and curcuma).
He points to a few native cabbage palm trees left standing in the otherwise denuded landscape.
They harvested cabbage palm hearts and coontie (a native cycad) roots, and, where possible on higher ground, they grew corn that they had brought from their homeland.
The man chose a table near the center of the whitewashed cafe's courtyard, which is shaded by three large cabbage palm trees and numerous white umbrellas.
Root bark of Cabbage palm Anthocleista nobilis, found in West African secondary forests, provides a pharmacologically proven remedy for diabetes.
55 acres of uplands, which contains a mixture of live oak hammock and cabbage palm that is surrounded by the freshwater wetlands of the Guana River.
This consultation follows earlier proceedings declared unsuccessful for lots entitled "Petits fours salty", "sweet cheese", "cabbage vacoa and cabbage palm kernel", "Smoked Duck" and "individual pastries packaged"
I simply love casting slow-sinking plugs and soft-plastics around the commingled shoreline of mangrove, cypress, cabbage palm and oak.
They obtained both shelter and food from the abundant cabbage palm trees.