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2012) provided 5-year proportional data of cabbage butterfly diapause and corresponding temperature and day-length data (Tables 1 and 2 in Xiao et al.
Researchers had previously documented defensive glandular hairs in beetle pupae, and entomologists have speculated that the little droplets atop the hairs of the cabbage butterfly caterpillars might also offer some kind of protection.
The large white cabbage butterfly (Pieris brassicae) or the small white butterfly (Pieris rapae The Vapourer Moth Orgyia antiqua, whose caterpillars eat leaves of dahlias, don't mind other 'snacks' either.
Other native species such as the painted lady and the cabbage butterfly are slowly disappearing, Coleman said, because of pesticide spraying in the heavily agricultural county.
The Ephemeris For March The phases of the Red-Winged Blackbird Moon and the Cabbage Butterfly Moon
When cabbage butterfly caterpillars chewed the foliage, new leaves unfurled with 10 times the concentrations of mustard oil glycosides and 30 percent more spikes compared with unmolested plants.
strong scent confuses the cabbage butterfly so she doesn't lay eggs
A few boys may have dusted the cabbages with ashes or slaked lime to discourage the cabbage butterfly, but no attempt was made to control the coddling moth.