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Synonyms for cabal

Synonyms for cabal

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for cabal

a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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Ejike Mbaka, on Sunday night, took a hard look at the nation's hydra-headed problems and came to the conclusion that President Muhammadu Buhari is surrounded by 'wicked and satanic cabals.
Beautiful artwork and streamlined gameplay immerse the player in the war between four cabals, with different styles, strengths and philosophies; Bearclaw Brotherhood, who are believed to operate in the Soviet Union; Danann Covenant, full of Irish witches and faerie folk; Vril Society, capitalise on modern science from somewhere in Southern Germany; finally, the Order of Zahir brings magic and Arabic wisdom from their laboratories thought to be hidden in Southern Spain.
Paige and Lucas want nothing to do with the Cabals; especially after Savannah's father of the Nast Cabal tried to take custody of her in Dime Store Magic.
Wilson is a primary source for the ironic style of conspiracism, a sensibility that treats alleged cabals not as intrigues to be exposed or lies to be debunked but as a bizarre mutant mythos to be mined for laughs, metaphors, and social insights.
Blaming a cabal of men has taken feminism about as far as it can go," she writes, a claim guaranteed to win acceptance, though no feminists I know go around blaming cabals.
The labyrinth of secret clubs, deals and cabals is finally being exposed.
One magazine reports on prices and dealers and shifts in gallery cabals, another specializes in sumptuous reproductions.
In Cabals, deck building strategy and deep meta game meets the tactical aspects of the game board.
As the telephone calls and cabals continued among the contenders for a second day, Indians could at least begin to identify the men with the greatest chance of becoming prime minister.