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Synonyms for cabalistic

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Synonyms for cabalistic

having a secret or hidden meaning

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This is something cabalistic and our focus is solely on the goals.
Whatever he happens to find therelet's say, a midget-sized Superman figure or a Simpsons-themed chess-setwill either be dismembered or placed into whatever nook is left among the doll heads, cabalistic drawings, I-Ching books, hand-shaped chairs, and other objects populating his house.
decipher in our experience may well be an artifact of our cabalistic
Either way, it seemed a classic example of the 'old', top-down, centrist, secretive, cabalistic, spin-riddled, machine politics that Jeremy Corbyn senses most of us find increasingly nauseating and alienating.
When her father goes missing, she searches for him and is abducted into a cabalistic society called The Dreamers, who "dream" to sustain the light against the dark energies that threaten to take over the planet.
Jennings' acute observations are based on actual life, and what she reveals about the powerful, cabalistic set of Wall Street is damning and alarming--after all, these are the people who, with impunity and excessive self-regard, rule the world's financial systems.
But once the evidence was uncovered that Dreyfus was innocent, all the ancient prejudices about the Jews surged into the public sphere--their wealth, their secret cabalistic influence, their supposed mendacity, their tribal loyalty, the impossibility that they could ever be quintessentially or loyally French.
Leavitt's central concern is to show that Kafka's adoption of mystics was not merely a literary one, acquired by reading or lecture, but that he himself had mystical experiences, and clairvoyant moments: "Not one word in the literature on Kafka has been published in favor of the possibility that his 'cabalistic' worldview was informed by genuine mystical experience--lapses into paranormal states, dialogues with spirits, and angelic visions brought on by occult techniques" (124).
Smend had developed a thesis that Bach employed a natural-order number alphabet, similar to the paragrams the composer was familiar with in the works of Picander and others, some of which discussed cabalistic gematria.
One must first lay aside "conceptual formulations, cabalistic symbols, or rhetoric" (Lamp 5), and learn "to enjoy the beauty of the world intuitively" (5).
In Brazil, all one need do is look at the number of cesareans scheduled on dates considered to be cabalistic (10/10/2010, 11/11/2011, 12/12/2012) in private hospitals, plus excess scheduling prior to public holidays, especially before long holiday weekends.
It is said that they accomplish these feats by intense Buddhist mediation and, so Rozenberg argues, 'seemingly unorthodox techniques such as alchemy or cabalistic arts'.
In the continuous Cabalistic cycle once again one family emerges, and covenants between the Creator and Abraham, he of acts of righteousness by faith, (Gen.
By positing a Johnsonesque power broker and master schemer who wields cabalistic influence behind the scenes, "House of Cards'' assigns order and purpose to what, in real life, is too often just an endless, baffling tic-tac-toe stalemate.
According to the "Smorfia" ("The Grimace"), a chart that interprets the cabalistic meaning of numbers, there is a close correspondence between acts, events, gestures and animals - which often occur in dreams - to numbers.