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Synonyms for cabalist

a member of a cabal

an expert who is highly skilled in obscure or difficult or esoteric matters


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a student of the Jewish Kabbalah

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In the early chapters of Frankenstein, Victor's father scolds him for reading cabalist Cornelius Agrippa, explaining to Victor that Agrippa's principles "had been entirely exploded and that a modern system of science had been introduced which possessed much greater powers than the ancient, because the powers of the latter were chimerical, while those of the former were real and practical .
But Scholem's speech overlooked a dimension of this version of the golem story that another great Cabalist, Sigmund Freud, probably would have seen.
The reading is the crucial act and the Cabalist remains boundlessly acquiescent in silence.
Here Iturria references himself; the distinct possibility that he is also invoking the Delphic E (a cabalist symbol of mother) with the upside-down bedframe form is only somewhat beside the point.
A grand uncle, Mordche der Tzadick, who lived near by was a cabalist, but since study of cabala has never been encouraged even by the most devout Jews, the influence of the grand uncle on Weber might have been minimal, though Weber mentioned him in interviews during his adult life.
They "obsessively" worked as a "collective mission" to influence conservative justices, notably on death-penalty cases expediting executions, about which one emailed the others: "We need to get our numbers up" Lazarus quoted another cabalist who, venting his rage about the refusal of the Senate to confirm Robert Bork for a seat on the high court, said: "Every time I draw blood, I'll think of what they did to Bork"
My cabalist theory is that the Almighty trusted Satan to translate His Creation and it was published before He could correct it.
In Jewish folklore, an artificial figure constructed to represent a human being and endowed with life; specifically, such a figure created in the 16th century by the cabalist Rabbi Low of Prague.
Name and oneness are bundled together visually in the aleph shown before from cabalist Moises Cordovero's magnum opus Pardes Rimonim (68, Figure 1).
It is the personal account and practical guidebook of Moses Basola (1480-1560), Italian rabbi, teacher, private tutor, distinguished head of the Ancona Yeshiva, cabalist, and sometime banker, who recorded his pilgrimage to Eretz Yisrael beginning in 1521.
the waste-paper on which it is laid is the manuscript of a cabalist (Scott 1897: 42).
Perhaps that is why the initiated cabalist, on encountering a work reputed to be of transcendent truth, may conclude that it passeth understanding.
Up until then she nestles her theology behind sharply pointed questions or submerges it in the ideas of Teilhard de Chardin, Simone Weil, or the cabalist Hassids.
Jewish cabalist (esoteric Jewish mystic) and writer, one of the founders of modern Hebrew poetry.