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Synonyms for cabal

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Synonyms for cabal

a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

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Synonyms for cabal

a clique (often secret) that seeks power usually through intrigue

a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

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But the rants of its cabal have evidently dealt a severe blow to that environment of state harmony, a negativity it definitely would have done without.
The pro-Israel cabal will find it extremely difficult to convince a Secretary like John Kerry to choose to clash with Hezbollah, while the latter proclaims that its activities are restricted to the battlefield, and if it accuses al-Qaeda of terrorism and distances itself from it.
The PDP observed that in the past few days, Nigerians has painfully watched a reality show of the fate that had befallen them in the past four years, as persons close to the President openly declared that a cabal has been running the affairs of our nation.
Murray had won the doubles alongside Feliciano Lopez at Queen's last week in his first tournament since hip surgery, defeating Farah and Cabal in the first round of that tournament but the Colombian pairing were always in control.
But somehow they clicked and at the end of a first set that went with serve, a ferocious Murray forehand clipped the net tape on its way past Cabal and clinched the tie-break.
It's a cabal of right-wingers that are in charge of our future.
Farah and Cabal won the deciding set 6-3, resulting in Paes and Paire's loss in the second round match.
It was a result of a conspiracy by a cabal of bad actors in the Obama administration who decided to spy on an opposing candidate, a worse crime by far than Watergate.
Senior Superintendent Jonathan Cabal, former Regional Intelligence Division (RID) chief and now Regional Logistics Division chief, earlier said that they will appeal the case.
The reason that The John Birch Society has had a history of being maligned since its founding is that this cabal recognizes the danger of the JBS to its existence and has done all it can to neutralize our efforts.
Off the record, decent Labour MPs admit that had it not been for the impending election, they would have been forced out or deselected by the current cabal, who show such hatred for them, far worse than for the Tories!
The cabal must understand that be it Qadri or Imran, the solution has only to be political, not administrative.
After that the judical cabal model was progressively created through SC decisions between 1982- 1998