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the fare charged for riding in a taxicab


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He has paid for some cabs home for me but the other day he called saying he was fed-up of me trying to "guilt trip" him into dropping me home and that I owe him PS45 for cab fares.
A TAXI driver took away a family's Christmas tree because their teenager daughter didn't have the cash to pay a cab fare.
Daniel Radcliffe paid a cab fare he owed from the Dublin Minor Football team two years later.
Istanbul municipality is set to launch a new scheme that will enable taxi customers to use credit or pre-paid electronic transportation cards while paying their cab fare, but the system has sparked strong opposition among taxi drivers who would prefer to maintain the benefits of instant cash, Hurriyet Daily news reported.The project, which aims to enable taxi consumers to pay via credit cards and municipal transportation cards (Istanbul Kart and AKBA[degrees]L), is planned to begin in August in Istanbul where 18,000 taxi drivers work.
In Worcester, he said, the average three-mile cab fare was $18 and customers are charged $5 just to get into the cab.
He could have purchased new pants from the prison store, but he said they were overpriced, and it would have taken so much of his money that he wouldn't have had enough for a meal and cab fare home to Trollhattan.
Travelling through 51 countries in 450 days, the trio's journey cost the equivalent of an Au80,000 cab fare.
The party stopped at Tesco where Mr Green then withdrew pounds 30 for the cab fare.
Foreigners should have easy access to exclusive lines to report unfair cab fare charges and demand rescue services whenever they experience such unpleasant and illegal practices.
Summary: JEDDAH: As the flood water rose in Jeddah's streets so did the price of cab fare, leaving many trudging to their destinations in dirty water instead of riding in the dry luxury of a chauffeured Camry.
The men told him they didn't want to pay cab fare to Reedsport, and were waiting for a friend they'd called to come pick them up, she said.
Lingard, 19, admitted possessing articles with a blade or point, affray, and making off without paying the pounds 20 cab fare.
One-way cab fare from the airport to Downtown Denver is about $57.
Together the three executives ran up pounds 12,650 in cab fare claims for quarter three of the financial year.
Magistrates in Epping were told that 21-year-old Tweed, of Buckhurst Hill, Essex, grabbed the driver round the neck and threatened to stab him after refusing to pay the 50 pound cab fare upfront, reports the Daily Star.