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We're pleased to extend the advantages of CA's new Millennium Licensing Program to our clients deploying Hitachi's mission-critical enterprise servers," said CA President and Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Kumar.
As a CA senior vice president of research and development, Battat led the development and design of CA's award-winning Unicenter TNG enterprise management solution.
Support between CA's management solutions and the latest release of OS/390 enables enterprises to take fuller advantage of robust Web-enabled technologies, enhanced parallel Sysplex support, and a common set of services for sharing repository services across core disciplines.
In addition, many organizations around the world are already enjoying the benefits of the integration between PLATINUM's best-of-breed point solutions and CA's flagship Unicenter TNG's management framework," Kumar said "We look forward to building a collectively stronger enterprise that can provide a broader range of solutions to clients, greater opportunities for employees from both companies, and accelerated near and long-term shareholder return.
Our partnership with CMSI extends our continuing strategy of building GPS through highly-focused acquisitions that complement CA's core competencies and that address the most critical requirements of today's global enterprise," said CA President and COO Sanjay Kumar.
This powerful set of tools is helping Logitek complete compliance projects for their clients very quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy," said Mark Stabler, senior vice president of CA's Year 2000 Business Unit.
Clients currently subscribing to CA's Total Client Care service will also have a direct link into support for up-to-the-minute Y2K updates.
As an authorized CA business partner, SHI will provide comprehensive consulting, licensing, configuration and installation and support services for CA's award-winning end-to-end enterprise management technology, and provide Fortune 500 and mid-tier market clients with highly manageable, highly reliable business systems.
CA) and Polytechnic University (Polytechnic), one of the country's premier institutions for technology education, today announced that CA's Unicenter TNG, Jasmine and Ingres II are being used as standard teaching tools at Polytechnic's Long Island campus' computer science and information management curriculum.
Egan Systems was selected as CA's China factory services partner because it owns controlling interest in Tech 2020, Ltd.
Providing a robust Year 2000 solution for the millions of lines of code written in CA-IDMS COBOL is extremely important, particularly when many clients have told us that their applications are still flawed even after manual changes or correction with less accurate tools," said Mark Stabler, senior vice president of CA's Year 2000 Business Unit.
CA's Workgroup Solutions product line brings CA's experience in developing mission-critical business software for Fortune 500 corporations to smaller implementations including departments of large corporations and small to mid-sized companies.
SRC can recover missing source code from object modules so that it can be remediated automatically by CA-Fix/2000, a key component of CA's Discovery 2000 solution.
The fast, accurate remediation provided by UNICAST/2000 is exactly what our Eastrieve Plus clients need for Year 2000 compliance," said Mark Stabler, vice president of CA's Year 2000 business unit.
The VARsity Program is the cornerstone of CA's strategy to have 50 percent of our sales come through the channel by the next millennium," said CA Chairman and CEO Charles B.