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single-stranded DNA that is complementary to messenger RNA or DNA that has been synthesized from messenger RNA by reverse transcriptase

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The expression vector of recombinant ISG15 protein was constructed by inserting full length ISG15 cDNA into pET-28a plasmid (Takara Biotechnology, Dalian, China) as described (Sambrook et al.
Upon completion of the genome-wide adenovirus production, ViGene is excited to further transfer the same set of full-length cDNA ORFs into lentiviral vector and AAV vector to create an even broader premade virus collection.
While cDNA's patentability had been assumed (as had DNA by some), the Supreme Court's ruling solidifies for now that cDNA products can be protected.
Universal Human Reference RNA (Stratagene) was used as the test material for cDNA synthesis.
This allows oligo dT to anneal to mRNA and to serve as the primer from which the first strand of cDNA is synthesized.
DIG-11-dUTP-labelled fragmented cDNA was first hybridized to the forward/reverse subtractive PCR products of recombinant plasmid.
Differential cDNA display was performed using GeneFishingTM DEG Premix Kits (Seegene) according to the instruction manual provided.
The cDNA sequences were AT-rich (~65%) and contained 1-5 copies of the "ATTTA" motif, a possible indicator of mRNA degradation.
Using standard biotech methods, they insert the cDNA into specially engineered plasmids, which can be propagated in E.
added before synthesis of second-strand cDNA at 50[degrees]C for 1 h.
A reverse transcriptase enzyme used in gene expression analysis, PrimeScript can synthesize cDNA in an efficient fashion.
These products include: 1) cDNA libraries and EST sequences; 2) UniGene clusters; 3) full-insert cDNA clones and sequences; 4) a genetic map; 5) genomic libraries and genomic sequences; 6) a physical map; 7) genome sequence; 8) microarrays, and 9) transgenic and mutant animals (see http://www.
Sutton and his colleagues have also begun to employ expression-cloning strategies using an HIV cDNA expression vector.