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Therefore, the objective of this work was to characterize the morphology of the pollen grains from three species of the Apiaceae family, evaluate the pollen ingestion capacity by fourth instar larvae and adults of C. maculata, and if ingested, verify whether there was a difference in the quantity of these pollens between these two development phases of the insect.
The C. maculata individuals used in the experiment were obtained from laboratory mass rearing established at the CIMP, since 2008.
In an initial study interrupted by the US Government shutdown in the fall of 2013, all treatment tents were set up, infested, and treated with the same numbers of C. maculata insects, adults and neonates, in a similar fashion to the study described below in detail.
Colonies of C. maculata were raised as described in Allen & Riddick (2012).
This study has demonstrated that a hot water extract of fermented C. maculata, and to a lesser extent those of unfermented C.
cladocalyx and C. maculata were 0.61, 1.02, and 0.80, respectively.
camaldulensis) 778 11 92 18-year-old spotted gum (C. maculata) 797 14 118 18-year-old Sydney blue gum (E.
aphidimyza will be a victim of IGP following confrontations with the generalist predators C. maculata and C.
Chrysoperla rufilabris and C. maculata were purchased from Groupe Biocontrole Inc.
Unfermented C. maculata extract was prepared from plant material (ca 25 kg) harvested from a natural population on a farm in the Riviersonderend area (Overberg) of the Western Cape Province of South Africa.
Approximately 1000 kg of C. maculata plant material was harvested from a natural population, growing on a farm in the Riversdale area (Overberg).
The test timber species and treatment combinations examined were CCA-treated C. maculata, PEC-treated C.