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Therefore, the objective of this work was to characterize the morphology of the pollen grains from three species of the Apiaceae family, evaluate the pollen ingestion capacity by fourth instar larvae and adults of C.
It was carried out the unfolding of interaction of Apiaceae species (S) within the combination C.
This study constitutes the first greenhouse evaluation of neonate and adult stages of C.
In an initial study interrupted by the US Government shutdown in the fall of 2013, all treatment tents were set up, infested, and treated with the same numbers of C.
maculata, and to a lesser extent those of unfermented C.
To meet the global demand the commercial potential of other species such as C.
subternata, unfermented C maculata and fermented C.
Note that during the commercial treatment of hardwood poles and piles, C.
In this study, 3T3-L1 pre-adipocytes were differentiated in the presence of hot water extracts of C.