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The repurchase facility further enhances Winthrop's ownership of this fulcrum C-note position.
Fortress's commitment to the C-note funding program adds further strength to the relationship going forward".
Bellick and Sucre track down T-Bag in Mexico and C-Note is asked to testify against Mahone.
Meanwhile, C-Note is put in a difficult position when he is ordered to "bring about a death, no questions".
The gang finally find Westmoreland's money, but Michael's plan begins to unravel as the fugitives are discovered by the house's residents and C-Note and Sucre arrive on the scene.
It remains to be seen if Michael and Lincoln will ever make it out, now that they have old lag Charles Westmoreland and ex-soldier C-note on board, especially as the suddenly pious Abruzzi, who has a plane crucial to their escape on standby, had his throat slashed by T-Bag.
The C-note concept car ( a compact multi-person vehicle first seen in Tokyo and shown here ( has been tipped as the most likely replacement for the ageing Almera.
But tradition says it will fetch at least a C-note when it's auctioned off Saturday at the North Douglas County Fair in Drain.
Today, of course, Franklin's face isn't so unknown; the C-note barely gets a small family through a modest night out anymore.
Wordsmiths of the incoming century (millennia are best played one C-note at a time) will remember the MCMXCs as the Decade of the Dueling Dictionaries.
The paper on which a one hundred-dollar bill is printed is worth very little; the value of the C-note lies only in what it can be exchanged for.
With Sara's new husband in the mix, it was unclear if she'd join Lincoln, Dunbar and C-Note in the fifth to save Michael.
Sleuthing for C-Note, a scavenger hunt with clues regarding the library's history and current offerings, features 20 teams of people 10 and older.