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a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)


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But for the rest he would have had to seek along the highways and byways of the Empire.
I would see one of the clumsy bovine-creatures who worked the launch treading heavily through the undergrowth, and find myself asking, trying hard to recall, how he differed from some really human yokel trudging home from his mechanical labours; or I would meet the Fox-bear woman's vulpine, shifty face, strangely human in its speculative cunning, and even imagine I had met it before in some city byway.
And always and everywhere I found saloons, on highway and byway, up narrow alleys and on busy thoroughfares, bright-lighted and cheerful, warm in winter, and in summer dark and cool.
There he wandered for a long time, through highway and byway, through dingly dell and forest skirts.
I wrote to the parks and byways department querying as to whether a solution could be found to a problem with a certain area of one of the byways in the area on July 20, 2017.
She is currently one of three vice presidents of Arkansas Delta Byways, a tourism association that promotes the heritage of the Arkansas Delta region.
The second states: "The view as previously stipulated of the estate is that private routes should not be byways open to all traffic, they are not maintained by any other party and use in the vast majority of locations is restricted to that of the estate, its tenants, gamekeepers etc for dealing with its maintenance and management of the estate land.
On the Alaska Scenic Byways map, nearly all of the state's main highways, as well as the railroad and marine highway routes, are designated as scenic byways.
Of the 27 designated State scenic byways, two are in Whatcom County, and three more are immediately adjacent, including the North Cascades Scenic Byway along Hwy.
byways have faced the daunting task of proving their worth to elected leaders and citizens.
Here are five great American byways that offer spectacular panoramas of pigment.
Washington State Tourism, a US-based government agency for the development of tourism in the state of Washington, has launched an official travel guide for its scenic byways.
Tourists will be pouring in to see the sights of Jeddah, exploring the highways and byways of the city, delighting in the surprises the ancient seaport has to offer.
TV and radio presenter Jamie Owen has explored the byways and back roads of Wales in his latest book.