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a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)


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Charlotte Iva Bumgarner of Guffey, to serve as a representative of the Eastern Plains Byway Organization, reappointed;
During the prohibition, there will be an alternative route via Restricted Byway Whickham 149, 146, 137 and Bridleway Whickham 157, 158, 187 and Footpath Whickham 135 and 136.
She is currently one of three vice presidents of Arkansas Delta Byways, a tourism association that promotes the heritage of the Arkansas Delta region.
The article quotes the council as being 'open to sensible discussions to bring the issue to an end and return the byway to public use.
Rose Hetrick, innkeeper at The Inn at Tern Lake, says, "When talking with potential clients, we often mention the Seward Highway and the need to take time to enjoy the drive but usually do not refer to it as a scenic byway since that designation is not really understood.
The Chuckanut Drive Scenic Byway follows the 21 miles along State Route 11 between the Historic Fairhaven District of Bellingham and the Skagit Valley.
A byway like the Blue Ridge Parkway, for example, provides spectacular mountain and valley vistas in North Carolina and Virginia, while a byway like Woodward Avenue in Detroit, MI, tells the story of America's automobile heritage.
The trip along the 100-mile White Mountains Trail, a national scenic byway, is undoubtedly one of the region's best, offering a loop tour through the forested hills past many of the area's most popular attractions.
The 69-mile Teton Scenic Byway is a drive of subtle yellows--here cottonwoods and there aspens.
The seven corridor communities for our byway range in size and population from 154 residents living in Hudson to 15,000 in Great Bend.
The project is expected to improve signs and parking at various sites on the byway, and makes the towns eligible for grants to improve and possibly restore sites along the byway.
Byway of celebration I whizzed through the Kingsway Tunnel on my Honda wearing my helmet, underwear and nothing else, while my similarly (un)dressed mate Tracy clung on to me as pillion.
Kids have more ways of passing their free time than ever before byway of computers, video games and multi-programme TV.
Take time for an up-close and personal encounter with nature at the Mile 118 viewing area near the end of the Byway to watch golden eagles and other raptors.
55pm contest, which was the fourth of the five jackpot legs, produced a deadheat between 4-1 chances Dualla Josie and Dualla Byway and, although the greyhounds concerned are not related, their owners most certainly are.