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a sequence of 8 bits (enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data) processed as a single unit of information

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Second Byte came in and assessed what our needs were and worked within our budget.
The BYTE Magazine awards continue a distinguished list of commendations recently awarded to Apple.
locating the POH of a virtual container by use of the pointer bytes in an STM frame.
Byte Software is committed to building more business relationships with other credit companies to satisfy all of our clients' credit needs.
Our strategic alliance and seamless integration with Byte Software will provide their users with a valuable regulatory compliance solution to reduce closing time and offer detailed compliance audit information in seconds.
Byte is poised to become an even larger player in the LOS market by releasing the hosted version of BytePro, which allows them to capitalize on the Web.
Increasing areal density of newer magnetic hard disk drives requires a more robust error correction code (ECC), and this can be more efficiently applied to 4096 byte sector lengths," explained Dr.
and Byte Software announced a strategic alliance designed to strengthen mortgage professionals' document closing options by enabling Byte customers to draw legally-compliant closing documents quickly and efficiently through the idsDoc closing system.
With each Data Byte, you'll get the date and source of the information and a link back to the original source.
Byte Interactive, a strategic digital marketing agency, announced today that 2005 represents the most significant period of growth in the firm's eight-year history.
We have had a great working relationship with MRG since 2000, when the company became a Preferred Closing Document Partner," said Joe Herb, general manager of Byte Software.
Byte Interactive, the South Norwalk, CT-based strategic digital marketing agency, received both silver and bronze awards in the 2005 Summit Creative Awards(R), a competition for outstanding creative work.
Byte Interactive, the South Norwalk, CT-based strategic digital marketing agency, today announced the launch of Poland Spring's Ultimate Fan Rivalry campaign - an online marketing initiative to uncover the sports fanatic most dedicated to either the Boston Red Sox or the New York Yankees.