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a sequence of 8 bits (enough to represent one character of alphanumeric data) processed as a single unit of information

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If all three connectors are used, it will create a bus tee where one of the buses would appear as a lumped load, If one of the 68 pin connectors is used with the 50-pin connector, the adapters normally automatically terminate the high byte.
Second Byte is a boon to small companies that need to get in step with computer technology, but without going for broke.
Byte Interactive, LLC is a strategic digital marketing agency that specializes in strengthening brand equity and loyalty for global consumer-product companies.
comparison of the roles of the regenerator section overhead (RSOH) and the multiplex section overhead (MSOH) bytes
Byte and Switch is the flagship enterprise Web publication of CMP Technology's business unit, Light Reading Inc.
Byte Software is a leading provider of loan origination software to brokers, banks and credit unions.
Doug Turpin, information and technology director at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, LLC, said, "The CreditPlus interface that Byte added to BytePro allowed our mortgage consultants and staff to be more focused on closing loans rather than learning how to use generic credit interfaces.
Girling continued, "Integrating our dynamic automated compliance solution with Byte Software's BytePro empowers clients to streamline their internal business process and enhance their loan quality.
Byte is poised to become an even larger player in the LOS market by releasing the hosted version of BytePro, which allows them to capitalize on the Web.
Increasing areal density of newer magnetic hard disk drives requires a more robust error correction code (ECC), and this can be more efficiently applied to 4096 byte sector lengths," explained Dr.
and Byte Software announced a strategic alliance designed to strengthen mortgage professionals' document closing options by enabling Byte customers to draw legally-compliant closing documents quickly and efficiently through the idsDoc closing system.
With each Data Byte, you'll get the date and source of the information and a link back to the original source.