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Synonyms for bystander

Synonyms for bystander

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a nonparticipant spectator

References in classic literature ?
If one of the family did but gurgle in his throat, a bystander would be likely enough to whisper, between jest and earnest,"He has Maule's blood to drink
On all occasions, the bystanders listen with profound attention; and at the end of every sentence respond one word in unison, apparently equivalent to an amen.
Antilochus carried off the last prize and smiled as he said to the bystanders, "You all see, my friends, that now too the gods have shown their respect for seniority.
The voice from the water was heard once more in a tone of impatience; the bystanders stared with redoubled awe at this man of storms, who seemed to have come up out of the deep, and to be summoned back to it again.
This display of awkwardness--in which, by-the-bye, Toby kept me company--convulsed the bystanders with uncontrollable laughter.
The actors may be glad, but the bystanders must be infinitely more thankful for a decision; and I do sincerely give you joy, madam, as well as Mrs.
What they wished to conceal from the bystanders, was not their friendship, but their names.
It was some time before the irritated parties could be pacified by the more temperate bystanders.
Except for the few complimentary words to the lady, and now and then a slight inclination of the head in requital of the profound reverences of the bystanders, he seemed wholly absorbed in his pipe.
At last, after a careful examination of the contents of the windows, made for the purpose of impressing the bystanders with the notion that he is going in to purchase a diamond bracelet or some such trifle, he enters, trying to do so with a careless swagger, and giving himself really the air of a member of the swell mob.
We caught a glimpse of the handsome tessellated pavements within and of the devotees performing their ablutions at the fountains, but even that we took that glimpse was a thing not relished by the Moorish bystanders.
Here the bystanders imposed silence upon the two chatterers.
THE BYSTANDERS GENERALLY [demonstrating against police espionage] Course they could.
One of the bystanders interrupted him, saying: "Now, my good man, if this be all true there is no need of witnesses.
He was a grotesque, fantastic figure, and the few bystanders laughed.