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Synonyms for bystander

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Synonyms for bystander

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a nonparticipant spectator

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THE BYSTANDER. It's all right: he's a gentleman: look at his boots.
THE BYSTANDER [inept at definition] It's a--well, it's a copper's nark, as you might say.
THE BYSTANDER [suspiciously] Who told you my people come from Selsey?
A SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [thrusting himself between the note taker and the gentleman] Park Lane, for instance.
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [not attending to her] Do you know where
THE BYSTANDER. You take us for dirt under your feet, don't you?
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER. Yes: tell HIM where he come from if you want to go fortune-telling.
THE BYSTANDER. That ain't a police whistle: that's a sporting whistle.
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER. I can tell where you come from.
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [affecting great distinction of speech] Thenk you, teacher.
Written and directed by founder Adrian Jackson, Bystanders tells the true stories of life and death on the streets and features a cast with personal experience of homelessness.
A village chief in Alaminos town in Laguna province was killed, while two bystanders were slightly injured in a shooting incident in a public market on Friday morning.
Mobilize is a privately held company that markets the Mobilize Rescue Systems app and associated rescue kits that together act as an interactive trauma system to help untrained bystanders assess, manage, and help injured people during medical emergencies.
However, if people are trained to assist and if the place has a Good Samaritan Law then more bystanders should come forward to help.
Often, bystanders who know CPR techniques can rise to the rescue.