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Synonyms for bystander

Synonyms for bystander

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a nonparticipant spectator

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A SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [thrusting himself between the note taker and the gentleman] Park Lane, for instance.
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [not attending to her] Do you know where
THE SARCASTIC BYSTANDER [affecting great distinction of speech] Thenk you, teacher.
com)-- In response to recent tragic events and the Department of Homeland Security's Stop the Bleed and Until Help Arrives initiatives, Mobilize Rescue Systems is partnering with School Health and First Care Provider to empower one million bystanders to become First Care Providers by National Stop the Bleed Day (#NSTBD18) on March 31st, 2018.
A policeman, three of his relatives, and two bystanders among them a minor, were wounded when armed men fired at their pick-up truck along the provincial road in Barangay (village) Mambarao here at about 7:30 pm on Friday (Dec.
The Dubai Police have warned bystanders to not crowd around accident sites or try to rescue victims.
The campaign will highlight the role of bystanders in speaking out against such crimes and reporting them to police.
In the years since, many similar cases have emerged where bystanders, despite having the opportunity, fail to intervene - with catastrophic results.
In addition to the limited use of naloxone by laypersons, rapid bystander response to fentanyl overdose was inhibited by lack of bystanders (18%), spatial separation of decedents from bystanders (e.
A pit bull-mix dog is now in the care of the First Avenue Shelter after Eugene police say it lunged at an officer's face and neck, only stopping when a second officer and bystanders intervened.
But he didn't just speak about memory for preservation's sake; Wiesel saw a utility in memory, in how it would inform the way bystanders would act in the face of oppression.
Summary: Bystanders don't always intervene in emergency situations to help people in need.
Bystanders to conflict witness behavior that is contrary to a productive and inclusive environment.
The 1964 stabbing of Kitty Genovese in New York City kicked off social psychologists' interest in the subject, when numerous bystanders heard Genovese's cries for help but failed to intervene.
bystanders, but was shot and killed by an armed civilian bystander,