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Synonyms for bystander

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Synonyms for bystander

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a nonparticipant spectator

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Hence, this suggests that bystander education programs may need to be flexible and creative in providing basic information to those who have not previously received it yet also offer more advanced levels of information for other participants with a more substantial background.
McMahon challenged the community to take a stand against domestic violence by becoming "active" bystanders.
Summary: Three Palestinian policemen, two Hamas fighters and a bystander died in a clash in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Sunday, Palestinian security officials said.
Mom and the unhappy baby become at least 30 times more likely to suffer aggression from a bystander during a crying bout than in quiet times, Semple and colleagues report online March 10 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Given that the average EMS response time is approximately 7-15 minutes, a bystander is frequently a victim's best hope for survival.
Summary: The opinion article Why be a bystander when you could be a lifesaver (KT, July 24) stressed upon the importance of administering first aid t...
In fact, these kids were much less likely to receive CPR from a bystander than white children living in any type of neighborhood, the research showed.
The EEOC task force believes that bystander intervention and workplace civility training show promise, and we propose incorporating GVV to improve anti-harassment training.
Raja Naveed, 30, was shot and killed and a bystander was injured in a dispute between two parties in Sadiqabad Saturday night.
Killed at the scene were bakery owner Ruben Francisco, tricycle driver Celso Bernales and bystander Wilfredo Lukban.
The concept of bystander intervention is often associated with ways that people who aren't directly involved can intervene in cases of misconduct to possibly discourage, interrupt or prevent a situation.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- 'Bystander', a short animation directed by Sheyda Kashi from Iran, is among the works to be screened at the 29th edition of Istanbul International Short Film Festival in Turkey.
Summary: The Internal Security Forces has arrested a man suspected of killing a bystander to a 2016 dispute in the Beirut southern suburb of Hay al-Sellom, an ISF statement released Wednesday reported.
The child said that his abductors put a piece of writing which he gave to bystander and the bystander after reading the piece brought him to home.
...the bystander sees things neither actor nor audience notices.