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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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Transverse section of the pedal ganglia (PG) stained with Gallego's trichrome A) Low magnification shows the neural tissue surrounded by a conjunctive capsule (arrowhead), the two ganglia are close to the anterior retractor muscles of the byssus (RAB) and the retractor muscles of the foot (RFM).
Byssus diameter and length were also measured in 16 oysters to discover any relationship to oyster movement, as possibility exists that a big byssus may affect the locomotion of juveniles, particularly in Pteria penguin, where the byssus has been found to be proportionally larger in juveniles than in older individuals (Vasquez et al.
Waite, "Probing the adhesive footprints of Mytilus californianus byssus," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
tarantinon: "a garment made of diaphanous material woven from the byssus of the pinna." See also Cleland et al.
Waite, "Extensible collagen in mussel byssus: a natural block copolymer," Science, vol.
Treatment filter paper was placed in the upper face (squared) and control in the lower face (entire) to offer the same area of treatment and control for byssus fixation.
Byssus threads, they found, are composed of a well-designed combination of soft, stretchy material on one end and much stiffer material on the other.
Instead, the mussel anchors itself to a firm surface with a group of filaments called byssal threads or byssus, also known as the "beard" that has to be yanked off the shell before you start cooking.
The beds are formed of live mussels and dead shells, mixed with sand and mussel waste, and are all held together by byssus threads (the hair-like "beards" by which the mussels attach to the seabed).
Uniform size group of (1.5 to 2 cm length) of mussels were used as test animal and their attachment with the help of byssus thread was used as toxic criterion.
Mussels live in colonies, attaching themselves to rocks, piers, and oysters by filaments known as a byssus, or beard.
Rajitha Senaratne: Now we are starting a project - hatcheries in the lagoons to propagate 'sea baas' - (a name for many fish species of various families, including a name for Lates calcarifer) , Sea Cucumber, Mussel culture (Mussels are bivalve mollusks and are found attached to rocks or any other hard substratum by means of byssus thread secreted by the body.
The extensive byssus threads and dead mussel valves with persistent byssus, build and stabilize the up to 3 m high structures recognized as bioherms or mussel reefs (Wildish et al.
A byssal gland, on the proximal end of the foot, secretes a bundle of threads, termed the byssus by which the juvenile scallop anchors itself to an object.