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tuft of strong filaments by which e


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The presence of oysters lacking byssi decreased gradually in relation to the number of days of cultivation (Fig.
The byssi dissected from Pteria penguin were strong, with a very solid single stem and several deposits of plaques that had adopted the shape of the substrata (Fig.
To complement the growth analysis by adding individuals younger than 1 y old, SL data for sessile juveniles with byssi also were fitted into the von Bertalanffy growth model.
When other factors such as cost of equipment, labor, and ease of construction were considered along with growth and survival, the method of natural hanging on a wire collector is highly advisable in Li'an Lagoon because this method takes advantage of the strong byssi of winged oysters, substantially reduces cost, is easy to construct, and promotes increased growth.
Mussels react to environmental stress, such as high temperature, by cutting their byssi off and trying to sink.