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a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)


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Then grab your gear, grab a friend, and explore the backcountry and byroads near you.
You're not superstitious but over the past few weeks as you travelled the frosty byroads of Ireland, shuttling from one Cheltenham preview night stage to another, you played down what you thought you were sitting on.
The National Guard said later that the trucks had planned to bypass the village using byroads, but as these were closed the vehicles had to double back and cross the village's main street on their way to the camp -- ruining the military's incognito operation.
By good fortune, two major byroads designed to circumvent the terrible traffic jams that snarl up the main arteries into and out of Nairobi will pass very close to Tatu City.
We will endeavour to consolidate it, by improving the regional network of classified roads over 56 kilometres and the network of structured urban roads over 61 kilometres, in addition to rehabilitating and asphalting 39 kilometres of byroads.
Very often this density differs in byroads ([f.sub.[DELTA]tj][([[lambda].sub.i](t)).sub.[??]), roads of average importance ([f.sub.[DELTA]tj]([[lambda].sub.i](t)).sub.v]) and main roads ([f.sub.[DELTA]tj]([[lambda].sub.i](t)).sub.m])
For this reason, the two main characters of Illusionism, already deep in the labyrinth of their contemplative and emotive roads and byroads, following their stream of consciousness like many other complex characters of modern novelists, wander in search of an exit from the labyrinth or maybe a solid center which could substitute for the exit.
WESTBORO - New green and white signs sporting the logo of the Westboro Community Land Trust will appear along the byroads of Westboro near open fields, woods and wetland habitats.
Having tip-toed through the soccer byroads of Hartlepool and Doncaster and journeyed to the holiday isle of Majorca, the black-and-whites of Newcastle United return to their St James's Park base this week.
In "L'emploi des manuels d'imprimerie" he reiterates some points he made in "Some Notes on Setting by Formes" and "Layout as a Means of Identification." These bite-size chapters explore many curious byroads of the book and are ideal for casual reading.
Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living, in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known in the modern "metropolis." It is you who must "go out into the byroads" and invite everyone you meet to the banquet that God has prepared for his people.
Owen Lattimore, "Byroads and Backwoods of Manchuria: Where Violent Contrasts of Modernism and Unaltered Ancient Tradition Clash," National Geographic (January 1932), 130.