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a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)


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Another project is the design of 124 km Heroib/Al Mazyounah and the byroad to Habroot.
But this is a book to experience in full, down to its many lengthy footnotes, each a capsule history of some fascinating byroad to the main story." DAVID WALTON
AFTER ridingCosmicChatterfor trainerDavidBarrontobeatthe odds-on Liber in the conditions event at Musselburgh, Graham Gibbonsmadethelongjourney downfromScotlandtoLancashire byroad.Hisjourneywasrewarded for he partnered Tickle Time, alsotrainedbyBarronandowned by his daughter Nicola, to win the7fnovicestakesinwhichthe odds-on Professor finished last of the four runners who were separatedbyjustalength.
Former Tower Federal Credit Union President Robert Byroad has died at the age of 81.
He used to leave me on a byroad to walk on my own without anybody's help, which has enabled me now to walk through all neighborhoods of Damascus.
He said that in the number of meetings held in Kabul or Islamabad, private sector was very well represented by Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, former President-KCCI while representing KCCI and at the end of each meeting it was categorically stated that we cannot allow any byroad trade through Wagah to India and all the pros and cons were discussed which were minuted officially by both the governments.
Contemporary memoirs by Christians of faith fall into four categories: those that are faith-oriented and historical; those that are theological and focus on faith and culture, faith above culture, faith against culture, and/or combinations thereof; those that are laden with focused scholarship yet have a popular appeal; and those that present a pilgrim's progress from Calvary to Kingdom Come, where contemporary events are a byroad. Brown's account of his public life (1920-2001) as an author, teacher, theologian, and social activist is of the first three categories.
Family liaison officer PC David Shreeve, from Eastham, Wirral, who cared for relatives bereaved byroad accidents, died when his Honda ST1300 Pan European collided with a truck during a training exercise on the M58 near Skelmersdale last week Merseyside police has 19 similar machines and allhave been withdrawn from service over fears of a defect while Lancashire police investigate the accident
A JAM-BUSTING tram is to be transported an amazing 1,000-plus miles byroad!
This requires that it first be figured as a direct and symmetrical inversion of "normal feeling," and then that the critic perform a mirror trick to translate it into some universally experienced "sexual practice or fantasy," albeit via the questionable, but at least heterosexual, byroad of Humbert Humbert's desire.
In opting for the less travelled byroad of Merope, he says: No man can do his best with a subject which does not penetrate him: no man can be penetrated by a subject which he does not conceive independently.(1:39)
THE WELCOME Take the train to Conwy or the access byroad to the town is on the A55 and B5106 - you can park in one of the hotel's two car parks.
David Weritz died when the car he was in struck a ditch on the Kilnaleck to Crosskeys byroad in Co Cavan at 5.45am.