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a barn for cows

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And when the morning came and the mists were all white and cold, he saw the man's child pick up a wicker pot plastered inside with earth, fill it with lumps of red-hot charcoal, put it under his blanket, and go out to tend the cows in the byre.
They had no time to patch and plaster the rear walls of the empty byres that backed on to the Jungle; the wild pig trampled them down, and the knotty-rooted vines hurried after and threw their elbows over the new-won ground, and the coarse grass bristled behind the vines like the lances of a goblin army following a retreat.
Sheep-folds, stables, byres, dairies, and barns were rebuilt after the pattern of the roomy, well-ventilated, and consequently healthy steadings that M.
The Byre Theatre in St Andrews has gone into liquidation and will close its doors on Thursday.
The Byre has struggled to cover costs ever since it reopened after a PS5.
They added: "The board of the Byre Theatre is extremely grateful to its highly professional and loyal staff, its many generous benefactors, including the Friends of The Byre, and to all those who have patronised and supported the Byre during its 80 years.
AFARM byre which is now a magnet for buyers landed an award for its successful trading last night.
Eleanor's Byre at Embleton Mill Farm in Northumberland was converted into a high-quality gift shop last year.