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Synonyms for byproduct

something derived from another

Synonyms for byproduct

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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In the present study, despite of lower CT in the black tea byproduct than that in green, PPC and increment of in vitro fermentation with PEG in black tea by-product were higher than those in green one.
His company will handle regulations, byproduct testing, permitting and marketing to area farmers, which includes demonstrating to them that the free land application will benefit crops.
Both the select foundry byproduct and select clay liners appeared intact, without visible signs of deterioration, cracking or preferential flow paths in the select foundry byproduct barrier layer.
It is made from 100% pure cacao fruit and is the first time since rum that a byproduct has become a main spirit ingredient.
The advantages of the two "cost reduction" methods are that (1) they are theoretically sound because they give the primary product credit for the pieces of it that were sold off or will be sold off, and (2) they de-emphasize byproducts by having no byproduct revenue reflected on the income statement.
The cells were big and very expensive, but they performed faultlessly, delivering an unwavering supply of current as well as a very useful byproduct in space, drinkable fresh water.
The disinfection and byproducts rule will take effect Jan.
The Institute provides training for students, professional community, regulators, and the general public in sustainable waste and byproduct management domestically and abroad, and contributes to the overall educational focus and 'learn-by-doing' mission of Cal Poly.
In this regard, research for SF byproducts and increased availability by them has not been performed by fermentation.
announced today that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ("TCEQ") has decided to issue to its wholly owned subsidiary, Waste Control Specialists LLC ("WCS"), a radioactive material license authorizing byproduct material disposal.
The plant will use patented processes to gasify a petroleum byproduct, ultimately generating 1200 MW of power with some of the lowest negative emissions of any plant in the USA.
In addition to safeguarding pregnant women and potential bladder cancer victims from than 100 potentially toxic chlorination byproduct compounds, commonly available home filtration units can also remove the unpleasant tastes and smells associated with chlorinated water.
THMs are a byproduct of the treatment plant purification process.
Foundries that want their byproduct materials to be recycled or beneficially reused must understand that they must make investments to produce a quality reuse product.
In tests on 53 pregnant women, researchers found that one-third of their future offspring were being exposed in the womb to detectable amounts of DDE--a byproduct of the pesticide DDT, which has been banned in this country since 1972.