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incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

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Although she has never seen a play before, Diana quickly learns how to watch, recognizing her favourite actor Byplay in his various roles, and her admiration for him grows as she recognizes his virtuosity in playing different roles in which she does not initially recognize him.
Scheiber portrays the Obama team as more cliquish than a middle school, fraught with seating-chart slights and tennis-camp snubs, where policy is frequently determined by meaningless personal byplay.
Readers who did not enjoy access to the byplay in the New York metropolitan area between straight man White and the artless "Scooter" Rizzuto are bound to roar at these stories.
But this is merely byplay in a narrative with just three essential elements: a fixed level of human adaptiveness, the retention of helpful adaptations, and the opportunities afforded by land, air, and water.
A minimal text puts the focus on the art, which is full of byplay and humor.
It also brings into even greater focus the byplay Howard uses between magical villains, stifling civilization and the free barbarian.
The real point of the movie is the bantering byplay between Holmes and Watson (Jude Law) punctuated by punches, explosions and action sequences as bloated and pretentious as a 10-minute drum solo on a live album by a second-rate art-rock band from the '70s.
Even so, from season two on, the talismanic 1960s setting has been no more vital to keeping us interested than, say, the layout of the Starship Enterprise was to viewers' investment in Kirk and Spock's byplay.
Reed treats us to some artful byplay between mother and daughter.
I'll spare you the byplay I called from my cellphone in the mall.
That would never be more true than during his two years as governor, when political patronage, old-boy rules and Albany's drawn-out legislative byplay set him constantly on edge and frayed his temper.
The fact that Huzur had written the play and that Singh was the co- director made it a perfect setting for a byplay offstage.
Anachronistic byplay (mobile phones, iPods, leg-dewaxers) is at odds with the piece, sexual crudity is everywhere and the striptease cliche becomes a bore.
Today, Blankenbuehler is tweaking, adding some byplay between dancers here, squaring off a hiked shoulder there, and closing up the spacing between dancers to provide a tighter screen for Block's costume change.
You feel tethered, as uxor-ius suggests, lest you miss something in the illustrious byplay of her frontal lobes.