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a side road little traveled (as in the countryside)


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Sharing his experiences, he said small number of minor students was seen sitting in the information centre established near the said bypath, waiting for their turn to move towards exercise tracks in harsh winter while a stout man got angry on waiters by chanting slogans for provision of breakfast.
"This Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnate gospel of love, this 'Redeemer' who brought blessedness and victory to the poor, the sick, and the sinners--was he not this seduction in its most uncanny and irresistible form, a seduction and bypath to precisely those Jewish values and new ideals [Nietzsche's emphasis]?" (66) The Hebrew story of Cain in the opening passages of Genesis and the Roman story of Romulus are anthropologically the same in that both tell of a brother killing his brother and then founding a city.
Pathfinding (offered 1911 to 1952) - Learn every lane, bypath and shortcut for a distance of at least two miles in every direction in a rural area or have general knowledge of transportation within a three-mile radius in a city; be able to give directions to the five nearest towns; know and map nearby stores, emergency facilities, public buildings, schools and churches; study local city or community history.
Will the parties to the CPA delay or completely decide to bypath elections?
What put this pulmonary bypath into final perspective was an incident on the road to Vail, not to see Eugenia but to be seen by a knee surgeon who had operated on me three years back.
Probably the second-most trotted out example of lock-in bypath dependence is the videocassette recorder war between the VHS and Betamax formats.
it is time to speak who walk on no bypaths and expend anger only on
Every path through a node takes up one incoming edge as well as one outgoing edge, so if the outdegree outnumbers in-degree at a node, its outgoing edges cannot be traversed completely by paths passing through the node; i.e., some of its outgoing edges must instead be traversed bypaths starting from the node.
The backup resources of bypaths can be shared since it assumes one substrate link failure at a time.
Likewise, the minister can "only be at ease in some seclusion of his own" and walks in "shadowy bypaths" (1:66).
(51) Happiness is unitary but is forsaken for many bypaths because man's perversity splits it up (III pr.
In late 1884, about six months after teaching Gestefeld, one of Eddy's sermons noted that "whenever [my] thoughts had wandered into the bypaths of ancient philosophies or pagan literatures, [my] spiritual insight had been darkened thereby, till [I] was God-driven back to the inspired pages" of the Bible (Mary Baker Eddy, "Editor's Extracts from Sermon," Christian Science Journal 2, no.
In no field more than his is the thinker likely to be lured from his goal into bypaths of his own thought or fall a victim to his own metaphors and abstractions." (27)
They approached conflicts and problems as bypaths, bends, obstacles, and delays of various kinds:
Some bypaths are not made to connect directly enough to the central journey of the main character.