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Synonyms for bypass

get round

go round



Synonyms for bypass

the act, an instance, or a means of avoiding

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for bypass

a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

a surgically created shunt (usually around a damaged part)

Related Words

a conductor having low resistance in parallel with another device to divert a fraction of the current

avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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Malacanang, however, has reappointed the four Cabinet secretaries, who under the new CA rules, faced an automatic vote on their appointments by the body if they have been bypassed three times.
I DOUBT if Mr Hawkins (Promise Bypassed, 09.06.09) will ever get a straight answer from Cllr George Dunning regarding the East Cleveland bypass.
It is therefore not intuitive to conclude that duodenal bypass has anything to do with decreasing insulin resistance, since these patients have not been bypassed.
Booth # 3479 * The Schreiber-Kapp Bariatric Ring Marker is a permanent marker of the bypassed stomach which anchors the stomach to the abdominal wall.
P would have bypassed AAA with respect to the $35,000 distributed.