bypass capacitor

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a capacitor that provides low impedance over certain (high) frequencies

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Furthermore, bypass capacitors may be of limited effectiveness or even harmful if the shield does not have good integrity.
"Viable bypass capacitor networks may be synthesized by any of the three popular techniques using straightforward spreadsheets backed by SPICE simulations.
Low noise LDOs provide a major advantage in powering precision analog circuits because they achieve ultra low noise performance even without the necessity of an additional noise bypass capacitor. Analog Devices' ADP150 ultra low noise LDO limits output noise to 9 mV from 10 Hz to 100 kHz and also provides a power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) of 70 dB, making it an appropriate choice for power sensitive analog circuits.
The gate's short circuit at the second harmonic is less critical; a shorted stub [lambda]/4 long at the fundamental frequency is adequate to provide the termination, Similarly, a high impedance line of [lambda]/4 length at the output center frequency ([nf.sub.o]) is used for drain biasing purposes with a parallel bypass capacitor connector to ground.
Alternatively, designers can choose a bypass capacitor between planes near the signal via.
It is important to use a bypass capacitor precisely at the zero impedance point of the transformer to prevent high frequency oscillations.
This new ultra thin CSP package is available for other MAS single output regulators including the MAS9162 with integrated bypass capacitor and very fast start-up; the very low quiescent current LDO regulator MAS9161 with 80 mA output; and the 150 mA general purpose MAS9124.
Component count and costs of the design are reduced because no current sense resistor is needed; no discrete Schottky diode is needed parallel to the lower MOSFET; and there is only one 5 V power pin, which eliminates one bypass capacitor and a resistor.
A bypass capacitor sets the inductance seen by the amplifier.
A good bypass capacitor on the current mirror further reduces the overall noise figure.
SRF should also be considered when selecting the bypass capacitor on [V.sub.CC].
A MMIC amplifier chip and bypass capacitor were mounted to the modified grounding pad.