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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Individual characteristics sometimes turned into nicknames, which sometimes then turned into the byname by which a person was known.
Data do not include the dual-listed companies Teva, ElbitSystems, and NICE Systems, which publish financial reports in the United States and are not obligated to publish the salary costs of their senior executives byname either in Israel or the U.S.
By the twentieth century, the "Gush" as it had become known was a byname for poor, overcrowded, unsanitary housing.
(4) The instigator and first speaker was Lady Youying or, more formally, the Lady of Right Bloom of the Palace of Cloud Forest, Wang Meilan (byname Shenlin), thirteenth daughter of the great goddess Xiwangmu.
Kyk maar na die volgende (en gaan lees die volledige inskrywings as iets nie duidelik is nie), elk met 'n stukkie aanhaling uit die bespreking daarvan: abelardeer ("Dit sit beslis nie elkeen se broek om die woord in beleefde geselskap te gebruik nie"); guillotine ("Taalkundig is dit interessant dat die Franse byname vit die toestel en die naamwoordklas van guillotine vroulik is.
No doubt he was feeling for his Switch, whence his other byname, Matthias Hipsmiter.) At last he raised his head, and a deep hush fell over the room.
SEBASTIANO DEL PIOMBO (1485-1547), used the byname of Sebastiano Luciani.
Although it is true that 'Gossart', too, has precedents, so do other variant spellings--not to mention the artist's familiar byname of 'Mabuse', derived from his birthplace, Maubeuge.
It's not the most affectionate byname for a party leader, but, incredibly, almost every other line of the song is worse - worse even than the scansion and rhyming.
Pop in and ask for these cocktails byname and they will be happy to make them for you.
Vergelyk veral bladsy 9 en 10 vir voorbeelde van invektiewe, asook die twee Apies se byname (Antie Boudjies en Oom Holletjies) wat beelde oproep van "the human body with its food, drink, defecation, and sexual life" (Bakhtin 1968:18).
In this case we should also consider the fact that Rike was a personal name (surname or byname) in the Middle Ages (Registrum ecclesiae aboensis 1890 : 358).
To verify a confirmed reservation, ask your training office to provide a screen print of the ATRRS R1 screen, showing byname reservations.
Trialoog identifiseer die sprekers van drie bundle-afdelings volgens kleur/ras: "swartman aan die woord", "byname vir ons", "witman aan die woord" en "bruinman aan die woord".