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Bye-bye Cytoxan, bye-bye red pee, hello hair again.
My father, a committed Christian, always says, "The only difference between myself and the 'world' is that I am a saved sinner." Sweet Bye-Bye, Denise Michelle Harris's debut novel, reaffirms that unpredictable reality exemplifying the Christian journey.
I told my mom that I did not want to be the reason Jaylin never stopped crying for Big Bird because he went bye-bye for good.
Bye-Bye Blemish, promoted as "the ultimate quick fix for blemishes," contains all-natural drying agents, including sulfur, camphor, zinc and iron oxides.
"I've had it myself at Celtic when a Champions League draw was made and somebody tweeted: 'Bye-bye Celtic.' "We got to the last 16.
Okay, why would I go and say bye-bye to Miami in the winter, bye-bye to Saint-Tropez in the summer, and bye-bye to spring and fall in New York?
London, December 10 (ANI): Cancer stricken Jade Goody is ready to say 'bye-bye to her hair' after returning from a three-week pause to painful radio and chemotherapy treatments.
Former Tottenham star Villa, who helped the South Americans to the trophy in 1978, said: "In Argentina, if you are a manager and you don't win one game they say bye-bye.
An impressive selection for military specialty collections and aviation holdings is Grumman F-14 Tomcat: Bye-Bye, Baby!, (0760325766, $40.00):compiled by Dave Parsons, George Hall and Bob Lawson.
Just slip the battery post into the hole, replace the cable and you can say bye-bye to spark-related accidents.
While we're on that topic, it's vulgar to set up that papal "wave bye-bye" pool unless it's for a fund-raiser for a very good cause [see "Fifth," below].
The delectable Tamzin Outhwaite and delightful Martin Kemp are not the only two waving bye-bye to EastEnders.
You can wave bye-bye to Miss American Pie but '70s style is back
I too was thrilled about the possibilities in regard to the gay community of current Miss America Erika Harold's antiviolence platform and was very disappointed when she began to focus more on abstinence ["Bye-bye, Miss America's Lie," September 16].
Bye-bye, after half a century to Tony Benn, who is leaving Parliament to go into politics.