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Although the conclusion of Sweet Bye-Bye is loosely contrived and relatively cliche, Harris, a former Christian preschool teacher, entertains and encourages her readers through humor and insistent faith.
I told my mom that I did not want to be the reason Jaylin never stopped crying for Big Bird because he went bye-bye for good.
Bye-Bye Blemish, promoted as "the ultimate quick fix for blemishes," contains all-natural drying agents, including sulfur, camphor, zinc and iron oxides.
It was two seasons that I had pretty good seasons and they pretty much said, `Thank you, bye-bye.
You didn't think the woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tiger were going to go bye-bye before appearing in "Ice Age 3," did you?
It was bye-bye Brittany after she was marked for banishment along with Cassandra, Curtis, Eddie, Josh and George.
For the church filled to capacity with mourners, Sandy said bye-bye much too soon.
He was angry because when Fox Sports News showed highlights of the game, they showed Garret Anderson hitting a double off the wall, followed by the clip of Collins waving while the on-air anchor said something to the effect: ``Angels manager Terry Collins waves bye-bye to a Garret Anderson double in the Angels' 13-2 over the Tigers.
It's hello Michael Reagan and bye-bye Gregg Hunter at local news-talk KIEV-AM (870), the longtime family-owned station recently purchased for the largest amount ever paid for a single Los Angeles radio property.
Bye-bye Guy Town, with its beer signs and pinup posters.
Prognosis: This is a poor show with a poor slot in the schedule that should go bye-bye quickly.