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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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In a report to the committee, Dudley's director of law and property John Polychronakis said the only benefit the Sandwell bye law appeared to have was that it related to more than one car.
'However, the ministry does intervene as and when there are issues around trading hours or bye laws,' he added.
He observed early January, a stakeholder committee comprising some of departments such as Environmental Health, Public Education, Council, Police, Waste Management met and agreed to embark on education drive to sensitize the community about the bye law regulations.
When presenting the proposal, bye-law enforcement superintendent, Mr Phemelo Matome, said the bye laws were meant to protect fish from depletion after experiencing an influx of fishers from all over Botswana and other countries.
Some engineering institutions have placed complete information about their constitution, bye laws, copy of registration certificate and list of office bearers at their web.
According to a statement issued by the Ombudsman Office here on Wednesday an enquiry into the matter was conducted following a complaint submitted by the President Sindh Outdoor Advertisement Association and it was found that irregularities, violations of bye laws and malpractice had been committed by the Director Local Taxes and his subordinates on a massive scale in allotment of advertisement space and installation of advertisement boards.
The seasonal blitz on illegal fishing will be stepped up over the coming Bank Holiday weekends to ensure anglers have a valid licence and are compliant with national and local bye laws. The maximum fine for fishing during the close season is PS50,000 - anyone caught doing so may be prosecuted.
In answer to that, I found some information on referring to local bye laws (which differ from council to council), and the possibility of designated play streets.
People living in nearby Newborough say strict bye laws designed to protect the island have been lifted for the sake of money.
Tutume Sub-district Council has decided to close all day care centres that do not comply with the Early Childhood Education Policy and council bye laws.