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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species

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Most of the big fish are taken by anglers drifting with chum, either dead bogies or bycatch bribed off the shrimp boats.
The law bans bottom trawling in the country's vulnerable marine ecosystems, including the precautionary closure of all seamounts in Chile, establishes a system in which all fishing quotas will be based on scientific recommendation, and requires the implementation of reduction plans for bycatch and discards for every commercial fishery.
Foundation), implemented a cooperative research plan in 1992 to identify, develop, and evaluate gear options to reduce bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic shrimp fisheries (NMFS (5); Hoar et al.
Since 2002, bycatch data have been collected in the bottom trawl (non-hake) fishery by at-sea observers and are used by fishery managers in a variety of ways.
Bycatch is a serious issue and discovering practical and effective ways to reduce bycatch should be at the forefront of our efforts.
Japan and South Korea are the only countries that allow the commercial sale of products killed as "incidental bycatch.
Substantial unintended incidental take, or bycatch, of wildlife also occurs in pots meant to capture blue crab (Havens et al.
Fishing on free schools reduces bycatch to the lowest level and ensures that the tuna caught is predominately of mature size.
The resulting TRP consisted of two primary measures: seasonal and area closures, and required the use of acoustic deterrents ("pingers"), which had proven effective in reducing harbor porpoise bycatch during a 1994 cooperative study.
Keith Mawson, who runs a fish processing plant, says there has been only one confirmed bycatch death of a dolphin in the last 25 years--and that it might have been a closely related Hector's dolphin.
The Albatross and the Fish tells the story of how albatross populations have become imperiled, first through direct exploitation, and then as the indirect consequence of fisheries bycatch and introductions of non-native species to nesting islands.
Oregon's shrimp season opens Sunday - and the whole fleet will be equipped with nets that will spare a small, threatened fish from becoming an unintended bycatch of shrimpers.
Switching to pole & line or FAD-free fishing can reduce bycatch by around 90%.
Another 60 papers explore such topics as population characteristics of channel catfish in Nebraska's Platte River, the historical use of "willow cats" as bait in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, the selection of interstice size by juvenile flathead catfish, using soap bait to prevent turtle bycatch on trotlines, and interactions between catfish and freshwater mollusks in North America.
Another 50 million die annually as "bycatch" when they become entwined in fishing nets targeting other seafood (some fishermen do make use of this bycatch by selling off what fins, cartilage, liver oil and meat they can).