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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species

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New Zealand is actively working with international organisations such as the Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP) and Regional Fisheries Management Organisations to highlight the concern for Antipodes Island wandering albatrosses when they leave New Zealand waters and to try and ensure fisheries bycatch risks are appropriately managed, even on the high seas.
New and continuing markets for shark meat and liver oil also drive illegal and unsustainable harvest while millions more die as bycatch on longlines and purse seine nets targeting commercial species such as tuna and swordfish,' it says.
Once the yellowtail flounder annual catch limit (ACL) is exceeded in a region by the scallop fishery, accountability measures (AM) may be triggered and seasonal closures enacted in defined statistical areas with high yellowtail flounder bycatch (NMFS 2013).
Uncertainties over dolphin and porpoise numbers and inadequate monitoring and measures to stop animals getting tangled in nets mean bycatch could be higher than reported and be having an impact on populations across all EU seas, it warned.
Similar to other long-lived marine megafauna, sea turtles exhibit life history characteristics-including slow maturation, low fecundity, and high adult survivorship- such that relatively low levels of bycatch mortality can hamper population viability (Heppell, 1998; Soykan et al.
trituberculatus as bycatch, and their bycatch phenomena are the most serious among all kinds of fishing gears.
Substantial unintended incidental take, or bycatch, of wildlife also occurs in pots meant to capture blue crab (Havens et al.
This information is used by NMFS to perform stock assessments, construct fishery management plan regulations, develop bycatch reduction devices, and identify the need for protective regulations for protected species.
Keith Mawson, who runs a fish processing plant, says there has been only one confirmed bycatch death of a dolphin in the last 25 years--and that it might have been a closely related Hector's dolphin.
9147, their incidental capture or bycatch remains a serious and pervasive threat, according to WWF-Philippines.
This summer, DEC is asking pool owners to participate in the Insect Bycatch Swimming Pool Survey.
Oregon's shrimp season opens Sunday - and the whole fleet will be equipped with nets that will spare a small, threatened fish from becoming an unintended bycatch of shrimpers.
Switching to pole & line or FAD-free fishing can reduce bycatch by around 90%.
Another 60 papers explore such topics as population characteristics of channel catfish in Nebraska's Platte River, the historical use of "willow cats" as bait in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, the selection of interstice size by juvenile flathead catfish, using soap bait to prevent turtle bycatch on trotlines, and interactions between catfish and freshwater mollusks in North America.
Another 50 million die annually as "bycatch" when they become entwined in fishing nets targeting other seafood (some fishermen do make use of this bycatch by selling off what fins, cartilage, liver oil and meat they can).