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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species

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Review what modifications to fishing gear or fishing tactics may mitigate seal depredation and bycatch
They say bycatch is the biggest global killer of whales and dolphins, who face a horrific death if caught in a net.
Assessing the magnitude of bycatch is challenging because getting reliable data on incidental captures or mortality rates for species that are not targeted by fisheries is difficult.
The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act requires, to the extent practicable, that commercial fishermen "(1) minimize bycatch and (2) to the extent bycatch cannot be avoided, minimize the mortality of such bycatch." The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act is a national standard that was established in 1976 and amended in 1996 to directly address overfishing and bycatch.
'New and continuing markets for shark meat and liver oil also drive illegal and unsustainable harvest while millions more die as bycatch on longlines and purse seine nets targeting commercial species such as tuna and swordfish,' it says.
Intuitively, the performance of the Nordm[empty set]re grid should be strongly affected by the bar spaces relative to the sizes of the penaeids and unwanted bycatch. However, fiew studies have been published in the primary literature that test for any association between bar spacing and catches in penaeid trawls (but see Silva et al., 2012).
Once the yellowtail flounder annual catch limit (ACL) is exceeded in a region by the scallop fishery, accountability measures (AM) may be triggered and seasonal closures enacted in defined statistical areas with high yellowtail flounder bycatch (NMFS 2013).
Among 15 EU countries, only the UK has fully complied with its obligations to report and monitor bycatch and put in place measures such as "acoustic deterrent devices" to prevent it happening.
trituberculatus as bycatch, and their bycatch phenomena are the most serious among all kinds of fishing gears.
Mr O'Connell added: "While small numbers of stranded dolphins showing signs of bycatch [marine species caught unintentionally] have been occasionally recorded from around the coast previously, we have never seen anything like the scale of the annual carnage on our northwest coast.
To learn these ABCs (as in "Artisanal," "Bycatch" and "CAFO"), browse the Lexicon of Food at
We measured the density of derelict crab pot (DCPs) using side-scan sonar and examined bycatch associated with DCPs in nearshore waters (depths [less than or equal to]4 m) of 6 waterbodies important to the North Carolina blue crab fishery, the state's most valued commercial fishery.
One other proposed liberalization of market trout fishing the FWC finally dropped from earlier plans was an allowance for seine-net "bycatch" of up to 75 seatrout.
Chief executive Andy Sharpless said that the sum will be spread over a three-year period and will be used to protect marine animals from being caught and killed as "bycatch".
However, there are no studies of the interannual loggerhead bycatch by Spanish fisheries.