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Synonyms for by-product

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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The pounds 24million operation would use by-products from making whisky to create enough power for 9000 homes.
The 111-page report examines the major biofuel processes and provides an understanding of the impact of their chemical inputs and by-products on the chemical industry.
He pleaded guilty to four offences of failing to dispose and once offence of allowing animals access to animal by-products and not guilty to the remaining charges.
Vanillin was one of the strongest inhibitors among the hydrolysis by-products (Delgenes et al.
Reactions between disinfection chemicals, such as chlorine and ozone, and natural organic matter in water create a wide variety of by-products.
Because we don't have a forest industry in South Africa and, as a result, have no wood by-products, I was intrigued by what I saw.
When multiple disinfectants are used, secondary by-products are also formed.
An overall biorefinery program that uses by-products from one production stream to feed another manufacturing process maximizes economic returns.
Sharing your breathing-air with these by-products of combustion can lead to a variety of consequences.
The participants discussed some of the key barriers (geographic, environmental/health, regulatory and community) that prevent the use of industrial by-products as additives to cement mixtures.
IRISH fish farming industry leaders have given a general welcome to a group being established to find new uses for waste and by-products from the sector.
The group will determine strategy on enforcing the EU animal by-products regulation, which bans animal by-products from landfill sites, and will produce an implementation plan later this year.
Business and public sector organisations are getting together for a project that will apply lessons learned from nature to turn by-products of Tees Valley's industrial processes into valuable resources.
THE committee members of the South Tipperary Anti-Incinerator Campaign called on National By-Products to resubmit its application when they met representatives of the company in the Cashel Palace Hotel on Wednesday night, writes Michael Clower.
Deputy director Camilla Nelson says manufacturers send animal by-products to landfill, at a cost of around 20 [pounds sterling] a tonne.