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Synonyms for by-product

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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Orfadin reduces the amount of toxic tyrosine by-products in the body as it blocks the breakdown of this amino acid.
The new system will feature a dome that will capture biogas from food by-products at the plant The collected biogas will then be harnessed to generate electricity.
We need to adapt with the international markets," he said, "NIGC sets the price of its by-products based on the market fluctuations.
Coupled with the leadership of its strong and innovative management team, we believe Trotters will continue to build on its position as one of the leading regional players in the petrochemical by-products industry.
Animal by-products are dead animals or parts of dead animals (bones, organs, blood, etc.
This draft resolution comes pursuant to the issuance of Law No 36 of 2014 on criminalising and combating the smuggling of the subsidised oil by-products," said Minister of State for Information Affairs and official government spokeswoman Sameera Rajab.
Law 36 provides a legislative cover to criminalize the smuggling or attempting the smuggling of subsidized oil by-products.
We decided to demonstrate in front of Suiza's processing plant because except for its fresh milk, Suiza imports all their other milk by-products sold in the island.
He appeared before Brecon Law Courts on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to two charges under the Food Hygiene Regulations and two charges under the Animal By-Products Regulations, in a prosecution led by Powys County Council.
The main themes are principles of waste recycling, valorizing by-products from plant-based food and animal-based food, environmental concerns, and future prospects.
Jagero II, a Spanish holding company, markets meat for human consumption, produces casings and processes slaughterhouse by-products used in different industries, including pharmaceuticals.
London, Jan 26 ( ANI ): A start-up firm in Scotland will soon be manufacturing biofuel made from whisky by-products, which could be used as a direct alternative for fossil-derived fuel.
Processing chicken generates by-products that contain muscle proteins which, if recovered, could become functional ingredients in restructured products, generating extra revenue for processors.
announced it has completed its acquisition of rendering firm Nebraska By-Products, Inc.