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Synonyms for by-product

a secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence

a product made during the manufacture of something else

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Cash costs per payable silver ounce, net of by-product credits is a non GAAP financial measure calculated by the Company as set forth below, and may not be comparable to similar measures reported by other companies.
In vitro gas production from green tea by-product was significantly higher than black tea by-product (p < 0.
Biokraft Marin, which was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Biokraft AS in August 2010, manages the collection and storage of dead and diseased (category-2) fish by-product from aquaculture fisheries in Norway, which it processes into fish oil and a biomass substrate.
The GTCC plants on order will use by-product gases from furnaces - specifically, FINEX gas, blast-furnace gas and coke-oven gas - as fuel.
JWQ director Shaun Berry said: "JWQ have made the difficult decision not to supply by-product to smaller dimensioned stone companies.
For a recycler, this news is disappointing as the sector has made positive environmental achievements through initiatives such as the Courtauld Commitment and changing by-product practices will be a step back.
A facilitated methodology is used to help participants establish bilateral collaboration that recognizes that one company's waste could be another company's raw material, and to think of waste as a by-product that can bring business opportunities (Lee, Troffell, and Gordon 2009).
23 June 2010 - Farines SPB Meal Ltd, a Quebec-based company that collects and converts by-products from bakeries and related industries to produce ingredients, is investing over CAD 1.
Sulphur production in the UAE is a by-product of the oil-and-gas industry.
Shell is also expected to produce dry gas as well - gas which is not a by-product of oil.
Dennis Rounville, Tembec's president of its forest products group, says the value-added product is derived sawmill by-product that has traditionally gone into chips or fuel.
Using By-Product from Beer-Brewing Process for Fuel(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
Lab and field tests hint that dairy whey, a lactose-rich by-product of the dairy industry, could be used to clean up underground water supplies tainted with the solvent trichloroethylene (TCE), an industrial degreaser.
The biochemical agent may directly attack the VES itself, or some other component in the fluid that produces a by-product that then causes viscosity reduction.
A storm is brewing after the humble teabag was banned from council compost heaps - because it has been classified as an animal by-product.