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unwanted marine creatures that are caught in the nets while fishing for another species

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A programme of stakeholder engagement through survey and interview to gain a detailed understanding of the issue of seal depredation and by-catch in fisheries throughout England.
"In the Indian Ocean" -- along coastlines in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal -- "the tuna fishery is really a shark fishery with tuna by-catch," Dulvy said.
Indian Ocean tuna manager WWF-Mozambique Umair Shahid pointed out that by-catch of sharks in the Indian Ocean fisheries was a growing concern.
'We need to control and eventually stop unsustainable shark fishing by putting a ban on shark fin soup or implement by-catch reduction policies,' he said.
By-catch rewards or penalties can shape incentives to minimize by-catch.
Although based on a small sample, in that year (1980) alone, it is estimated that as many as 60 pilot whales may have been killed as fisheries by-catch (DeMaster et al.
Only 25% of deepwater trawlers in New Zealand have government observers onboard to record by-catch and discards, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research [Niwa], which relies on statistical modelling techniques to generate by-catch estimates for the 75% of boats that work unobserved.
The main purpose of the project is to build capacity of fisher folk to decrease post-harvest losses, reduce by-catch and over-fishing in the marine waters of Pakistan.
"By the thousands, they accidentally end up as by-catch across the North Atlantic, and I hope that our studies can help to bring a greater focus on the Greenland shark in the future."
The team looked at 28 sharks, most of which had died after being caught in fishing nets as by-catch.
However, data on landings was not available especially regarding sharks and rays as they were caught as a by-catch. Pakistan, he pointed out, exported shark fins to countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan where they were in high demand.
Moreover, turtles face growing pressures such as by-catch resulting from shrimp fishing practices mainly through trawling.
Green sea turtle populations have rebounded in part due to 37 years of endangered species protections, improvements in commercial fishing gear to avoid accidental by-catch, and preservation of habitat such as the Archie Carr reserve, Mansfield said.
By-catch of all species (aside from, say the targeted bream) was significant, and coupled with the harvest of juvenile fish from shallower waters placed unsustainable pressure on the fish resources of the lake.
Commercial trawling fisheries of the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), including the Mississippi Sound, and east coast of the United States discard large amounts of by-catch which benefit bottlenose dolphins foraging these fish (Wassenberg and Hill 1990).