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the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents

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But the tale of excitement and adventure is rather spoilt by her blow- by-blow account of problems getting sponsors, financial hassles and wrangles with the fractious film crew and support crew who accompany her in separate craft.
It was a disgrace the way the Iraqi conflict was treated like a boxing match with blow- by-blow reporting.
Traces of this Christian by-blow remain in his poems ("The Convert," "The Missal," the last of "Six Religious Lyrics").
Deadly contention amongst the various [acute{e}]minences grises dancing attendance upon Pakubuwana was yet another by-blow. Overall, his incompetence in negotiating a route to safety through the snares lying in wait for him in the manifest world--as represented by faction at court, by fighting with the Europeans and Chinese, and by rebellion and quarrels about the succession, together with what must have seemed to be ineptitude on a Himalayan scale when it came to calling to his aid the hidden world in determining the outcome of events--helped to bring to an end this Islamising influence, or at least seriously to attenuate it.
"We were informed that Mr Khan wanted everything faxed to him, a blow- by-blow, step-by-step account of the inquiry.
They are not a curious by-blow of a witty (and smutty) secular novelist who, not untypically for his time, made a living by inculcating the doctrines of a Church in which he did not believe.