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Synonyms for virtue

Synonyms for virtue

a special feature or quality that confers superiority

a level of superiority that is usually high

Synonyms for virtue

the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong

any admirable quality or attribute


Related Words

morality with respect to sexual relations

a particular moral excellence

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Not surprisingly, this person will enjoy certain benefits by virtue of having her motivational life informed by its corresponding hierarchy.
Such a framework would be constituted not by virtue ethics' conception of human flourishing, but by empirically defensible taxonomies of the different types of core traits,(26) by reliable diagnostic indicators for determining the presence and degrees of strength within a person of particular instances of one or more of these types, by informative accounts of the characteristic ways in which such traits are likely to be advantageous and disadvantageous to their possessor, and so on.
Despite the fact that this theory is widely held by virtue of its fixture into popular piety and religious doctrine, it must be seen to have one major flaw: it is rationally incoherent and therefore cannot be seriously believed by anyone willing to consider its implications.
Annihilation of personal identity is everywhere the same, whether by virtue of union with God or by virtue of dispersal among the galaxies.
"A person is perfected by virtue toward those actions by which one is directed towards happiness....
Nussbaum, instead of beginning with the priority of distinctive cultures, recognizes that humans enjoy common spheres of experience and that each sphere is perfected by virtue. She lists from Aristotle eleven spheres and adds that they are so essential to human living, that "no matter where one lives one cannot escape these questions, so long as one is living a human life."(19) Nussbaum advocates an ethics based on an understanding of the human that crosses cultural boundaries and precedes the actual moral perfecting and informing of those eleven areas.