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through inherent nature


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There is also no body except that composed from these elements, because we have made it clear that there is nothing here that has a position by nature, so if we consider that what moves by nature to its natural position is other than those present in their places naturally, that would be a contradiction.
Still, despite that complexity, "man is by nature reasonable; and he is never perfectly in his natural state, but when he is placed where reason may be best cultivated and most predominates.
All of the children's crafts will be supervised by nature center docents, Junior Rangers and 4-H Club members and there will be something for kids of all ages - even preschoolers - including pine cone angels, hair accessories, candle dipping, pine cone bird feeders and beaded centerpieces.
Just as microscopic chips of silicon can now efficiently control the roar of a mighty tractor engine, so we can use the efficient leverages offered to us by nature itself to harness the grand natural forces of our living universe.
An investigative team organized by NATURE reports in the July 28 issue that the results of a controversial dilution experiment published in the journal four weeks ago are "not reproducible in the ordinary meaning of that word.
To major in Nature and Culture, students must take three ``core'' courses designed by Nature and Culture faculty, along with the introductory courses in biology and chemistry designed for science majors.
Like Swift's Houyhnhnms, by nature people are reasonable, benevolent, perfectly sincere, morally restrained, and non-coercive.
The process of deliberately and actively compensating for our own influence on a particular landscape or ecosystem (by reintroducing extirpated native species, for example, or removing troublesome exotic ones) is by nature an act of reciprocity.
Humans have a wide range of legitimate needs, all of them bred into us by nature itself.