by hook or by crook

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in any way necessary


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BY HOOK or by crook, schools in Madhya Pradesh had better make sure arrangements are in place for students to catch the PM's Teachers' Day address live.
By hook or by crook, justice will be exacted on them for whichever suffering and oppression they've inflicted on the Syrian people, Bou-Faour concluded.
BY HOOK OR BY CROOK: Amanda Crook leads the way in Blackpool's Stanley Park
"By Hook or by Crook," he is alleged to have said, "I will take Waterford." And he did.
It seems that the only assignment left with SBP to pressurise genuine exporters to bring back their export proceeds by hook or by crook who are already facing immense issues i.e.
David Crystal; BY HOOK OR BY CROOK: A JOURNEY IN SEARCH OF ENGLISH; Overlook Press $0.00 ISBN: 9781590200612
Take the title of the book: By Hook or By Crook. I wasn't intending to call the book that at all.
And those nights I must look my best, by hook or by crook